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Why Is Our Spiritual Evolution So Important?

Spirituality is not sticking to labels and believing oneself to be part of of a clan, club, or being enlightened". True spirituality is the opening of the heart, with simplicity, without having to know all the chakra's names and check every day the vibrations of your chakras. It's not knowing what color is your aura because it actually has no importance! It's not that vocabulary "new age" which ends in making you dizzy for lack of simplicity. It's not knowing the names and hierarchies of all the angels and archangels. It's not taking yourself for master bla bla. Spirituality is accepting one's dark as his light. It's not because you choose the light that the dark no longer exists. The light could not exist without a dark to have the discernment necessary to see you as you are really including the dark and the ugly in you that you don't like or reject. When I say "ugly", I mean

energy, dark, not in the judgment but in the recognition of what is vibrational. Spirituality is extreme simplicity and it is lived before being theorized. The most spiritual people that I have met and crossed, did not take themselves for spiritual beings, they have no need, for they are in being, and the being 'no longer needs labels nor of belonging, neither recognition nor denominative, neither group nor expose the state of their chakras every day, etc etc etc...

Spiritual evolution is important because it is this which will bring us to our source, to what we are: divine beings. God created us in such a way that we have this divine origin within us. God is only Love with a capital A, the one who has no borders of language or other. People are often unhappy, they are depressed, and have many other ailments; Why? Because they did not see, they did not realize that they had this divine spark within them. This divine spark, when we "cultivate" it, when we make it grow, unites us to the essential, to the creator, then we are the energy of Love. Nothing in this earthly world can then shake us. Our basis is sure, it is about God and we make God live in us; so our life is synonymous with Joy and Happiness. And when events like death happen, well we will know how to start again in life because life with God is what is most important for our Soul.

Being with God means that our Soul is experiencing what it really is. It is when we are cut off from God that our Soul suffers, that we fall ill, that we fail to rise to the surface. Each of us should be aware that he is God, that his soul carries God within it. This would bring more Love and wisdom into this world. People would then be less unhappy and could follow their path more clearly and not get lost in the superfluity of earthly life.

We can develop our divine spark first of all by being aware that we are creatures of God, that we are God. Then we can make it grow through the love we give to others but also to ourselves. Energy meditations also help our Soul to evolve, to finally feel itself.

If we are all beings of God then why does evil exist?

First of all, Evil does not exist, any more than Good. This Manichean conception is typically earthly. Evil exists if we put judgment on it in the act or up there you are in such different places that everything that exists here (crimes…) absolutely cannot happen. Earth is an interesting place of evolution because all levels of consciousness are represented, it is for these reasons that some people do what we call Evil. Now people who do evil are doing it just because they haven't opened their hearts to God. Their divine spark is double locked and cannot be seen in their life. But in themselves, they do not do Evil: they are acts that are not directed by Love.

These people are in the dark about what real life is. In fact, we could say that Good = God and Evil = ignorance of God but as above we remove all judgment, there are only the people who are with God and those who are not yet aware of their divine being. In itself, Evil and Good are only an interpretation of what is the order of the divine and of what deviates from it ...

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One of my principal mission is to change people's consciousness, skyrocket your inner awakening, and raise the vibration.

Much Love,

Sabine Patricia Poncelet



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