You create your success, but you also create your mediocrity, and you are the one creating your struggle around money and success. Your financial abundance is associated with your ability to receive support, comfort, and love. If you are not experiencing the life you desire, you have subconscious blockages that are sabotaging your ability to tap into the unlimited flow of abundance that’s available to you.


  • Do you want to make more money?

  • Do you want to create a life of freedom and financial success?

  • Are you a creative entrepreneur and would like support around your business, and enjoy your value more?

  • Do you want to stop discounting your worth and own your value?

  • Do you have unexpected expenses that continually sabotage your spending plan?

  • Do you want to stop the money leaks and drains that are silently robbing your self-worth? 

  • Do you feel guilty about spending, or feelings of inadequacy over our income? 

  • Do you have unexpected expenses that continually sabotage your spending plan?

  • Do you blow your paycheck before it's even reached your account? 

  • Are you consistently spending more than you earn or aren’t saving any money?

  • Are you overpaying employees who don't produce? You don't fire employees fast enough because you feel guilty? (whatever the reason)

  • Do you want to understand the root of your money disorder?

Do you have a money disorder?

"Money disorders can be characterized as a combined emotional and spiritual imbalance that creates a tendency to engage in problematic money behaviors" 

Many people will deal with some kind of money problem in their lifetime, but money disorders take it to another level. Money disorders are really self-destructive patterns that drive self-limiting behaviors that are associated with money. These patterns and behaviors are usually the results of distorted beliefs about money that we develop from early life experiences. People suffering from money disorders often will not realize that they need help. And for those who know their state, they typically find it hard to change their behaviors. Some try to shift their behaviors but are unable to make the changes long-lasting. The end result is that most of these people feel ashamed of their behaviors and hide them from others, hence making it difficult for them to get help as needed.

Does money coaching is for you?

YES IF...You’re ready to stop procrastinating about building wealth and start living the dream. In fact, most of the feelings people harbor come from a place of deep insecurity because we were never properly educated about the world of money. A personal finance coach is focused on helping you develop the kind of financial success that you want. 

Why Me?

Before becoming a full-time entrepreneur, I was a Financial Controller and Tax professional for over 18 years. I felt stuck in a life that I never really wanted. I gave up the security of the 9-6. And when I shifted from a secure job to a full-time ''spiritual entrepreneur'', my level of insecurity went up to the roof! I passed by many roller coasters, repetitive ups and down, and negative patterns, at the point that I found myself deep down into situations where I didn't know if I would have enough to pay my rent, buy some food, or simply run away, from it and go back to what I called a ''secure job'' which in reality was not, bcz I did, and I lost it in a very short period of time.

To say in short, I was not ready to give up on my real passion, my first love has always been holistic healing techniques. However, from the moment my level of insecurity has been triggered, I started to manifest many sorts of challenges, that forced me to learn how to change my vibration toward the energy of money until I fully master it. And now, I want to help you to master it too! I believe that no matter what our dreams or obstacles, we all have the power to change our lives and, I'm here to serve. My company is built on a foundation of love, a passion for what is possible, and a commitment to be an unstoppable force for good. 

Your time is precious, so having an expert partner in the process would let you make sure that you’re getting results—and faster!

How Many  Money Coaching Sessions Would You Need?

I will probably surprise you, there really isn’t a clear answer to that question. People are different, with unique goals and aspirations that differ in size, scope, and duration. One client might want to own their own company one day, while another might need urgent assistance with a large overdue project they feel overwhelmed by. The answer: it depends on your situation.

Short-term Goals:

For time-critical goals, I would suggest to meet with your coach minimum once or twice a week for the first  So, you’re looking at around eight to 12 life coaching sessions in total.

Long-term Goals:

For long term goals, coaching sessions would more frequent at first, becoming less frequent as you adopt the strategies and techniques taught by your coach. Depending on your specific needs, you’re looking at around 12 – 20 life coaching sessions in total.

Life Goals:

For Life goals, the number of coaching sessions you will need will depend on how quickly you action the suggestions (and how well you stick to them over time). And for life goals that require serious commitment and  changes on your part, you will more likely want to remain in contact with your coach indefinitely – calling on me as and when you feel you need a refresher session.