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Sabine Poncelet Animal Communicator

Is it really possible to communicate with Animals?

YES! It is possible and even more than that. As everyone knows, animals do not speak our language, but with a process called telepathy, we can interpret their thoughts and feelings. With Telepathy we can send and receive accurate information and messages. Like how radio waves, Wi-Fi or satellite frequencies work, we become senders and receivers of invisible information that is easily accessible once you know-how. All we have to do is tune in, and connect mind to mind, heart to heart, then tap into the universal, language of all species. Animal communication is an experience that is going to change your life and that of all species!


Unlocking the Power of Animal Communication:

When I connect with animals, I tap into their pictures and feelings, as animals commonly communicate through telepathy. Telepathy is a fundamental form of communication that we are all born with but often overlook as humans. Our reliance on verbal communication often causes our telepathic skills to become weak and rusty. However, with the right mindset and training, humans can regain their ability to communicate telepathically with all species.

For example, if I were to ask a horse about a sore body part, I may feel corresponding pain in my own body, such as wrists for fetlock or knees. Animals can also send me pictures of their affected areas or demonstrate their movements to indicate where they feel discomfort. Sometimes, animals even reveal how their injuries occurred. Acting as the voice for the animal, I facilitate this communication.

For animals, WE DO ONLY online sessions or remotely. Animals possess a deeper connection and higher spiritual awareness than us, excelling as masters of telepathy. They feel more comfortable and at ease when interacting through camera sessions, rather than having their personal space invaded or being transported. As I communicate with them, the energy passes through my voice, which animals immediately recognize and respond to—it's an intuitive understanding they possess. (Note: If you're open to experiencing Light Language for your pet, kindly mention your openness)."

Common Applications

Improving Performance: 

in the show ring by addressing issues, clarifying the rules of the game, and, identifying learning styles that can shorten training time. We can identify unique talents, skills, abilities, and purposes. 

Making Euthanasia Decisions : 

It is difficult to make a decision about your animal companion’s future without knowing what they want. You can ask: Do you want help in passing? How can we make you more comfortable?  knowing what your pet needs and wants when the right time is, and how best to support them through the process of transition makes all the difference for not only them but you too.

Separation anxiety: 

It is a serious and very common problem for dogs today. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, he's having a panic attack similar to the ones humans have. This is a condition over which he has no control. When left at home alone, a dog with separation anxiety will often engage in at least one and often several of the following behaviors: Vocalizing, (this is typically barking, whining, or howling), drooling, destructive behavior, etc.

Preparing an Animal for Surgery

or other medical interventions or procedures, like neutering or spaying, and we can help shorten recovery time. However, I am not going to analyze, diagnose or prescribe anything medically. I leave that to the vet and medical professionals. I can assist by relaying what your animal needs to say, how they are feeling, where they hurt when did the problem start, what is helping, what isn’t helping but is in fact making things worse, and much more.

Healing Trauma and Abuse Situations

Such as from injury, shock, illness, death, or grief by understanding the animal’s viewpoint, discussing their experiences helps them rebalance themselves emotionally, letting go of the experience, and making new choices for themselves.

Behavior issues

Problems can often be resolved once you know why the animal is behaving in a particular way.  Examples include barking, chewing, aggressive behavior, or housebreaking/litter box issues. Hearing the animal's perspective helps you find a solution together. However, communication is not a replacement for gentle, positive training. 

Find out if the animal you want to buy matches your lifestyle:

There are many different types of animals that could be right for you and be a wonderful complement to your life. Your animal choice should be based on what sort of animal suits your personality, works best with your lifestyle, and matches your needs.

Death and Dying: 

It is difficult to make a decision about your animal companion’s future without knowing what they want. You can ask: Do you want help in passing? How can we make you more comfortable? 

Notify your animal  of upcoming changes: 

You may want to let them know there may be changes at home such as; you are moving, bringing a new person into the home, someone is leaving, you are going on vacation or your daily schedule is changing. 

General check-in: 

Sometimes you just want to know how your animal companion is doing. Has the animal adjusted to a recent change; wants different food; getting enough exercise?  How are they feeling physically and emotionally?

Lost animals:  (I DON'T OFFER THE SERVICE) I can re-direct you to a practitioner who offers that service, or my students.

It is difficult to locate an animal telepathically. If they are truly lost, they cannot tell us where they are, but usually, they can indicate any landmarks near their physical location, which may be helpful in your search. We can also convey important messages to the animal such as advising them to stay away from danger and how to find help. 

In my line of work, distance is irrelevant!  Few people are still thinking that a face-to-face session with me, will give them better results. Or that I need to touch them or their animals to get results, it's a FALSE idea. WE WORK WITH THE QUANTUM FIELD! IT HAS NO BORDER NO LIMITATION. You can be anywhere and still get the healing. 

If a video link is broken go to my Youtube channel SabineTherapies

Animal Communication

From a scientific perspective:

The process of intuitive/telepathic animal communication is all about energetic connection, falling under the scientific banner of quantum (or meta) physics. Building on the work of Albert Einstein and other great scientists, Quantum Physics explains how our world is energetically made up and that every living being within it is energetically connected. It is this energetic connection that is at the heart of intuitive communication.

Our pets can manifest our illnesses, take on our emotional energy, and help ground us. They allow us to express a previously untold emotion that resides inside. Pets hold a mirror up to us, allowing us to see ourselves through loving eyes.

Animal Communication Sabine Poncelet
Sabine POncelet  animal communication with an eagle
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When you schedule your consultation, It's important you choose a time when you are in a quiet, receptive place with a minimum of distractions. Your animals are welcome to do whatever they want, as they know when we are communicating during your session. 


Your Animal Communication consultation is question and topic-driven so I recommend you write a list of questions and topics you wish to discuss with your animal family. Don't be surprised if your pets have questions and topics they wish to discuss with you or even answer your questions before you ask them! 

You can better prepare for animal communication sessions by being clear in what you hope to learn about your pet or pets, outlining any problems you are having, and coming to prepare to work. For animals in spirit, please prepare a picture of your passed animal where I can see clearly the eyes of your animal.

NOTE:  (for pets I do online sessions via ZOOM, I may visit farms, equine centers, and similar only for large animals like horses, camels, etc, I  may come to vet clinic in case of a real emergency).

Don’t hold back, don’t test your pet or your communicator.
if you have an issue you want to work on—state it clearly. That way, once trust is established between the pet and animal communicator, the communicator can gently insert that into the conversation and get some verbal, visual, and even sensations that will tell you where the problem starts. This makes for a powerful animal communication session.

Chances are, if you are coming to an animal communicator, you have a problem you’d like to learn more about or solve. Why is my cat peeing on the sofa, why does my dog try to bite my hands? Unfortunately, some people are very skeptical and think it better to not mention any issues upfront. This is a waste of your time. Why? First, understand that what YOU see as an issue, may not be a big deal to your pet, so they might not mention it at all. (I hate to break it to you, but peeing on the grass versus the bathroom tile is a human need, not a dog need.)

Second, pets are very like people in that they do like to make a great first impression. Just as I am not really excited to meet you for the first time and immediately admit my Facebook addiction, neither is your dog interested in having a brand new friend know all the times he ate a shoe and got yelled at because of it.

Much love,


Our Clients’ Stories


Maria Leonard (UAE)

She will meet your needs and guide you that suits you best.

Sabine has a very unique gift. She can help you heal any area of your life. She is equally gifted to work with animals. I love seeing her and going into deeper levels of healing. My flying experience has completely changed after she worked on that with me. It's a must to experience a session (or more) with her because she will meet your needs and guide you that suits you best.


Alex Ogh (UAE)

Sabine is the only one I really trust in Dubai!

Meeting Sabine has been life-changing, to say the least. I know and consult Sabine for a year now and she is an incredible, passionate, and caring professional always here to guide and help. As I mentioned before, her guidance during sessions has been life-changing and I tried multiple types of sessions with her (from channeling to healing as well as classes). I also consult her for my cat and my new dog. She has helped them a lot when needed but also helped me reinforce this special bond I have with my cat. I recommended Sabine to many of my friends and all of them keep consulting her regularly as they are also very happy with there support they receive. Sabine is the only one I really trust in Dubai!


Shiromi Anklesaria (UAE)

I highly recommend Sabine. Even one session with her can change your life

There’s something magical I have always found about Sabine's energy and what an awesome teacher. My deep gratitude to you for teaching me Animal Communication, Art Of Telepathy and Mediumship Development. Words fall short . The workshops were beautiful I highly recommend Sabine. Even one session with her can change your life, feel truly blessed to have her guidance!!!


N.A. Kaddas Al-Romaithi (UAE)

It was a useful investment for my personal life.

I attended the art of telepathy workshops in August/September. Sabine took us step by step in understanding spirituality and connection. it was an eye-opener for me because I was never spiritual, always doubting my decisions, ignoring my gut feeling and getting tricked by people.i learned how to clear my mind to allow the information flow, to understand people's intention, to listen to my guides (i never even knew they existed!). i was introduced to things i am very surprised we never learned in school to be more connected to oneself and others.these workshops taught me how to be more aware and present. In my opinion, it was a useful investment for my personal life. also, i met some adorable people and watched them grow and progress in each workshop. Niveen




Mary de becker (Belgium)

Sabine has helped us a lot in our relationship with our dog.

Sabine has helped us a lot in our relationship with our dog. We saw a big difference at home and found the balance that was needed for everyone to feel good. the situation is much more pleasant and I recommend Sabine’s expertise because she immediately saw and understood what was wrong. her advice has been of great use to us and his Clear-sightedness has really helped us. do not hesitate it is a trustworthy person. thanks, sabine!



Danielle Norris (Canada)

Sabine has had a profound impact on my life and I will be forever grateful for what she has done

Sabine has helped me personally on several occasions. For example, I had a chronic cough that did not seem to want to go away, no matter what I tried. Sabine suggested past life regression therapy and within a week, the cough was gone. It has been almost a year and the cough has not come back. I have attended Sabine's animal communication and telepathy workshops. I have been able to use what I have learned in these courses to improve my relationship with my pets and to better understand their needs. The telepathy course was also an eye-opener. Sabine showed us how easy it is (with practice) to use telepathy relate to other people and understand others on a much deeper level. Sabine has had a profound impact on my life and I will be forever grateful for what she has done for me and my pets.


Melanie Hoericht (UAE)

Wow! Both workshops helped me a lot

I was very interested in how it worked and joined two of Sabine's workshops - Animal communication and The Art of Telepathy (intuitive and psychic development). Wow! Both workshops helped me a lot - I understand my cats much better and the telepathy workshop is helping me a lot in my daily life. 
I'm looking forward to the next workshops. Thank you Sabine!

Sabine also helped us to understand the behavior of our cats because one of them was very aggressive against the other. After Sabine visited them, they live together in harmony now!

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Mona Taher (Qatar)

Great workshops

Thank You, Sabine, for a great workshop, I have learned a lot is such a short course and very much looking forward to attending the next levels.


Katerina Baginskaya (UAE)

Workshops - Classes 

Thanks, Sabine, for the very informative workshops (I attended 2 and looking forward to more). Both animal communication and telepathy made lots of changes inside me (frankly, I was skeptical at the beginning and did not believe that I can do it). Moreover, a special thank for your private consultations - stress and anxiety are no longer my "friends".

Thank you for taking care of my bird! She is no longer depressed thanks to your treatment. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!


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