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Light Language Activation & Transmission

Did You Know Your Soul Has Its own Language?

Light Language is the language of your Soul. It is a form of Healing that bypasses human limitations around the meaning of words. As opposed to our common language, Light Language has no fixed alphabet. It is a vibrational expression that speaks directly to our soul and DNA. Light language is channeled and streamed through from higher consciousness and then the being will be a conduit for the codes to be translated through their divine expression. Your vibration will rise as your senses and being activated. Readiness & openness are prerequisites to any session. Being aware of the existence of Beings of Light and/or Intergalactic is a significant asset to recognizing this language at its true value.

Light Language is used to transform our lives and the lives of our animal companions, this is a familiar language to each of the animal species on Earth. They feel and experience the incredible healing energy, and as well always hold space for our Healing. In any case, WE heal, and THEY heal. For those who are ready Light Language can also help activate dormant portions of the DNA.

Light language is a modality that anyone with a pure heart can learn to practice with the intention to send love, light, and healing vibrational energy medicine to oneself or others. Light language has many applications and it’s very beautiful because it allows us to express our soul essence. It goes beyond the limitations of linear language, I find that it can bypass the ego mind and connect with the heart and soul more deeply. Light Language goes into your cellular structure and makes adjustments within the de base of your core. 

How Does Light Language Benefit You?

  • It helps raise your frequency, repair your auric field​ & purify your energetic bodies for spiritual expansion

  • It helps with your Light Body activation, Karma releasing

  • It helps to connect with your  Star families

  • For lightworkers, it amplifies your current energetic potential for deeper healing work. It activates your Starseed gifts with Galactic Light Languages​​​

  • It helps recalibrate brainwaves, realign distorted neural pathways

  • It helps you remember who you truly are and what dormant potential/ Gift wants to awaken in you now and connect to your purpose​​​

  • It helps harmonize polarities within and beyond ourselves

  • It helps you release old patterns and energies and vibrationally align you with your souls' path

  • It provides emotional healing & spiritual support, guidance about a decision, inspiration for a new direction or change with Angelic Light Languages​

  • All of the above for animals, homes, land, and any space as well.

As you unlock your dormant DNA strands and reconnect to your soul, you will open to so many ancient ancestral and star lineage languages as a result. You will create a strong magnetism that connects you to not only the Earth family but your soul family, galactic family, and deep sacred connection ready to unite. You will experience many upgrades and a collapsing of all that is false so your true authentic self may emerge and do your life purpose. You will activate your gifts.

Light Language holds encoded energy that is encapsulated in the words, movement, and symbols. This is similar to ancient hieroglyphics where there is a story unfolding that can not be comprehended fully with logical thinking. There is very potent information encapsulated into the coding. This type of coding is actually the frequency within the Light language. For many, there will be a state of being much like trance or meditation occurring when channeling Light Language so the energy can be fully accessed.

Just as the Earth and human language have different languages and dialects, the same is for Light Language. It can come through differently for each soul. Through my own activation and awareness, Light language is channeled and streamed through from higher consciousness and then the being will be a conduit for the codes to be translated through their divine expression. Light Language can originate from Source/God/the Universe or it can be from High Vibrational Beings such as Star Beings from different planets, Angels, Illumined Masters, or Elemental Beings (like elves, fairies, or unicorns).

How Many Types of Light Language are There?
There are infinite types that originate from many realms and types of high vibrational beings. Languages come from all different beings of Light or Higher Vibrations such as Angels, High Vibrational Galactic Beings, Elemental Beings, Ascended Masters. There are also infinite types of expressions of those languages. Just like there are different dialects that can be associated with specific regions, there are different types of expression of Light Languages coming from every corner of the universe. Also, different sets of High Vibrational Beings might use Light Codes or these Languages a little differently.

I speak several different Light Languages, which can sound like chants, clicks, pulses, tones, songs, and spoken dialects. At times I am fully aware of the meaning of the message contained within the Language of Light, while at other times I am not. Whether or not the message is translated into English or French is not important. Our soul, cells, and DNA understand the transformational healing gift that Light Language brings into our body, mind, and spirit. Trying to translate to the human language may lower the energy. The best way is to ask your guide to help you download into your multidimensional brain. I often integrate Light Language in my multidimensional healing/clearing session.

I also utilize Light Language for specific purposes such as helping people lose weight, lower their stress, get over addictions, and more. Light Language is ancient and sacred. It’s not something to take lightly yet it can be used as often as needed or desired. I’m honored and thrilled to be able to share this powerful, transformative, and divine gift from the Heavens.

If you are already working with light language, you are a lightworker, artist, or healer, and would like to do more with light language into your life experience and ascension process. Please contact me, If you feel guided to work with me, I am here to assist you in this deep process of self-mastery.

Much Love, Sabine.

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