Did you know your Soul has its own language? 

Light Language is the Language of Your Soul.

Readiness & openness is a prerequisite to any session.

If your soul is longing for more meaning, fulfillment, and eager for a higher and deeper way to express itself … Light Language will show you the way.

 Light Language is higher dimensional frequencies that ‘speak’ directly to your DNA, it is understood by all on a soul level, and energy field, finding a resonance that balances you on profound and practical levels. While our mind may not understand the ‘words,’ our subtle bodies and subconscious mind understand and embrace the multidimensional support and healing that the Language of Light offers.

These various un-learned languages can be used for healing, light-body activation, inter-dimensional travel, a manifestation of resources, soul retrieval, integration of soul aspects, directing energy, and more.

Remember, the Universe is inside you! Nothing is imposed, given, or activated that you don't already have within as potential awaiting to be awaken and activated. 

Take your space clearing to a deeper level of purification by

What Is Light Language?

It’s called light language because that is how it appears to the inner eye as the practitioner is speaking, words that are on fire, or really lit with gold. It always carries a divine blessing that is perfect for each receiving it at that moment. These energies transcend time and space, operating from the oneness and allowing the perfection of the Creator’s love to recognize and support the unique design, essence, potential, and need of every being in the now.

The light codes are not only spoken words, drawings, or portraits, they are multidimensional “living, conscious” energies that can activate and assist you in an extensive variety of ways. It is a form of communication that bypasses human limitations around the meaning of words. As opposed to our common language, Light Language has no fixed alphabet. It is a vibrational expression that speaks directly to our soul and DNA. 

You will integrate what you are ready for, leaving the rest available in your light field like a savings account to draw from when you are ready. And, because your higher self guides the work according to your needs and divine timing, it is always beneficial, appropriate, and perfect for you.

Light Language is used to transform our lives and the lives of our animal companions, this is a familiar language to each of the animal species on Earth.  They feel and experience the incredible healing energy, and as well always holding space for our Healing. In any case, we heal, and they heal. 

How Does Light Language Benefits You?

  • It helps raise your frequency, stimulate greater intuition, repair holes, and tears in your auric field​ and purify your energetic bodies for spiritual expansion

  • For energy healers, it amplifies your current energetic potential for deeper healing work. It activates your Starseed gifts with Galactic Light Languages​​

  • It provides dynamic restructuring and realignment of your light body​, activates DNA and the pineal gland​

  • It helps you remember who you truly are and what dormant potential/ Gift wants to awaken in you now and connect to our purpose​​​

  • It helps you release old patterns and energies and vibrationally align you with your souls' path

  • It provides emotional healing & spiritual support, guidance about a decision, inspiration for a new direction or change with Angelic Light Languages

  • It is opening & establishing strong energetic connections to many levels of your spirit guides for spiritual evolution

  • All of the above for animals, homes, land, and any space as well.

Light Language to release frustration and anger
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The Activation Session...How Does It Work ?

 I speak a number of different Light Languages, which can sound like chants, clicks, pulses, tones, songs, and spoken dialects. At times I am fully aware of the meaning of the message contained within the Language of Light, while at other times I am not. Whether or not the message is translated into English or French is not important. Our soul, cells, and DNA understand the transformational healing gift that Light Language brings into our body, mind, and spirit. Trying to translate to the human language may lower the energy. The best way is to ask your guide to help you download into your multidimensional brain.

I often integrate Light Language in my multidimensional healing/clearing session, I will ask you to set a personal healing intention. This is important. By consciously naming your physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual needs, you are claiming your role as your own healer. Once your intention is clear, I will then voice the specific Languages of Light that will bring into your energy field the vibrations and frequencies to benefit your highest healing. 

The languages vary. Sometimes they serve to clear karmic energy distortion, or to rewire and balance the body’s energy fields. On other occasions, they intend to open the heart or connect to soul knowledge and abilities. The languages are profoundly healing and regenerating. It may be utilized with a specific intent: eg, losing weight, breakthrough addictions, etc.

 If you are already working with light language, you are a lightworker, artist, or healer, and would like to do more with light language in your life experience and ascension process. Please contact me, If you feel guided to work with me, I would love to assist you.

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