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Danielle Norris

I initially contacted Sabine because I was moving overseas and I wanted to lessen the stress such a move would have on my cats. I was skeptical but willing to try anything to help reduce their anxiety. In the process of communicating with my cats, she was able to tell me everything there is to know about my cats in terms of their likes and dislikes, behavior, personality and where they came from (they are all rescues). She also diagnosed some very serious health issues. For example, one of my cats had an ear infection that I did not know about. It was deep in his ear canal and the pressure was causing pain on one side of this head. When I took him to the vet, the ear infection was confirmed.

Alana Turpin

Sabine was able to help me locate my lost cat within a 200m radius. I'll be forever grateful. She's professional, available and very knowledgeable in what she does.

Sankar Viswanath

Hello Sabine


Would like to thank you for the amazing healing you gave Trixie in January. When you were referred by my friend did not have much expectations/hope but wanted to try the healing... Today she is bouncing around and feel more than the cure of the spine her character has changed and she is much more relaxed... Thank you again for all the help.

Katerina Baginskaya

Thank you for taking care of my bird!

She is no longer depressed

Thanks, Sabine, for the very informative workshops (I attended 2 and looking forward to more). Both animal communication and telepathy made lots of changes inside me (frankly, I was skeptical at the beginning and did not believe that I can do it). Moreover, a special thank for your private consultations - stress and anxiety are no longer my "friends".

Thank you for taking care of my bird!

She is no longer depressed thanks to your treatment. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Melanie Hoericht

They live together in harmony now

Sabine helped us to understand the behavior of our cats because one of them was very aggressive against the other. After Sabine visited them, they live together in harmony now!I was very interested in how it worked and joined two of Sabine's workshops - Animal communication and The Art of Telepathy (intuitive and psychic development). Wow! Both workshops helped me a lot - I understand my cats much better and the telepathy workshop is helping me a lot in my daily life. I'm looking forward to the next workshops. Thank you Sabine!


My dog stopped eating completely for 13 long days

I had the pleasure to meet Sabine recently due to a very worrying issue faced with my little Maltese dog. He stopped eating completely for 13 long days and after many vet visits and different check up and tests, the vet decided that there was nothing wrong with him medically, we had to take action with someone that understood and could communicate with pets. Sabine was a truly blessed, in only one session was able to communicate and heal my Champ from whatever turmoil he was in. I was present all along during the session and I was fascinated by her skills. In within 48 hours, my dog was back to normal, eating again and behaving as his usual. He lost 1 kg ( he was only 5 kg to start off with) but soon he recovered back. I found Sabine to have a very professional and calm approach which she keeps it during all session ( even when my dog tried to bite her, she did not react and managed to calm him down in within seconds). Sabine's contact is surely very preciously saved. Thank you, Sabine! xxx

Lucy Hibburd

A beautiful soul with an amazing gift

She was so amazing with my cat Shomo. So gentle and patient Everything that she explained to me about Shomo was spot on from what i already knew and understood of her health, and she described her personality down to perfection.. exactly the kind of personality i imagined for Shomo if she was in human form! Not only did i gain really insightful insight to Shomo's deeper health issues, emotions and feelings but also my own - she discovered a deep connection that explained everything to me and was then able to read in to my issues which had been transfering to Shomo.. which again, were incredibly accurate. I was not left with any shaddow of doubt about what she told me. In-fact, i wish i could have had Sabine stay for much longer and visit every day to be my translator and guide for Shomo (and myself!!) :)

Once Sabine was finished with the animal reiki session, i was so intregued to experience more of her great abilities myself and so went for a personal regression session which was nothing short of fantastic and beyond any experience i have had in my life so far. Any words i could say simply would not do it justice. I simply cannot wait to see her again and would recommend her to anyone.
A beautiful soul with an amazing gift - i just wish i had met her sooner!


Maria Manzoor 

Amazing, soft and gentle way of connecting with my cat

I’d like to warmly recommend Sabine! I had a cat that was quickly deteriorating in health and I needed to know what was going on as the vet was unable to pinpoint it after many various tests. Sabine had such an amazing, soft and gentle way of connecting with my cat and I got to know so many incredible details which made me feel more at ease. This also ultimately helped me deal with his passing some months later. I can’t thank Sabine enough for the help she extended and the connections I made after I found out what my cat was feeling and thinking.

Sofia Emma

Amazing animal communicator, down to earth, respectful and honest

Sabine is an amazing animal communicator. We have 3 dogs, all rescues, and we foster also some additional rescues once in a while. Many behavior issues come with rescues, and Sabine is helping in a fantastic way. One or 2 sessions fix behavior issues for which 15 training sessions with a dog trainer could not achieve satisfactory issues. It is all about communicating with animals, respecting their point of view, and explaining to them our owns needs and vision. It’s all about respect and it works so well. Sabine is also helping a lot by using energy healing techniques. She has considerably helped my dogs for a post- traumatism (PTSD AFTER ABUSE) , anxiety, and general fatigue. I would only advise to try and to see what happen with your animals, you will see yourself the results.
Sabine’s attitude is down to earth, respectful and honest. There is no manipulation of your distress if she is not sure about something she will directly tell you. . I only wish vets and charity rescuers were aware of the unlimited potential of animal communication. It would change animals life.

Salma Love

Before this session, my cats were communicating to me but I didn't realize. Now I know that they understand and they not only communicate to you but they also guide you if you ask them politely. My place is more harmonious and even other animals are opening up to me. Amazing- thank you 100000 times. X

May Brogden Jaqui

The Animal Communication course surpassed my expectations !

I attended the 3 Level Animal Communication course that took place in Dubai, April & May this year ( 2018). The course surpassed my expectations! Sabine is a wonderful tutor, such a warm heart and we as a group certainly grew from the vast knowledge that Sabine shared, and taught us. The course stretched me in many ways, and I discovered a lot about myself too and gave me a huge insight into the minds of the animal kingdom. I live in Qatar and flew to Dubai specifically to attend the 3 days …. and will have no hesitation in returning to attend Level 4 as and when that becomes available. Thank you Sabine, I am very grateful for all your help, time and patience with me xxx

Arpita Mitra Gupta

It just took 2 healing sessions and our baby was back on his leg!

Sabine has been amazing with our fur babies. Our first consultation was just out of curiosity but the impact and understanding was profound. When one of our fur babies had a small accident and was in pain, Sabine came to our rescue. It just took 2 healing sessions and our baby was back on his leg! Our recently adopted second fur baby is a total fan of her energy and love she spreads!
Highly recommend Sabine!

Yoshimi Janus

Sabine's class contains lots of information and exercises. I really enjoy her every class! Thank you Sabine x

N.A. Kaddas Al-Romaithi

Animal Communication workshop

I completed the animal communication workshops 1,2,3, and 4 in November, I registered because I have 3 cats and would love to understand them more and knowing I am doing the right things for them. I am also an animal rescuer, and these workshops made me understand how the spiritual part of the rescued animal is as important as the physical, I really enjoyed the sessions, they were very organized and informative. Sabine gave enough time for practice and questions. in addition, the theory part had very interesting was exciting to learn about my spirit animal, I never knew anything about it before! my favorite part is when we tried to connect with and locate some lost animals, its just amazing to know with lots of practice I can help people find their fur family members. also, I really enjoyed the session we had with the horses, it was harder to communicate but with practice and putting self-doubt aside, it is 100% possible! finally, being with animal lovers in the same place was just heartwarming. Niveen

Boraal Al Tarifi

Doha - Animal Communication workshop 

I was a bit skeptical at first and thought I won't get anything out of this program, then I went home and started communicating with my cat, was able to get her to sleep in her bed and not bite as much, now she communicates back and I'm enjoying every minute of it.

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