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  • Embarking on a healing journey is transformative. Prepare for powerful shifts and emotional releases that can profoundly impact your life. Embrace the intensity and navigate the changes with resilience.

  • Please take a moment to reflect on whether this session aligns with your current circumstances before booking. Working with energy can lead to the rapid release of stagnant energy, potentially impacting you physically and emotionally. Be assured, I collaborate with High Realm Guides and Ascended Masters to guide this process.

  • To provide a lasting record of your session, all sessions are audio-recorded, and you'll receive a copy of the recording. 🌟🎙️

  • FOR ANIMALS, I offer online or remote sessions. Why online? Distance doesn't matter; I channel energy from the source. Animals are highly telepathic. Animals share an extraordinary bond and are true telepathic experts. When they hear the healing energy in my voice, they instantly connect with it, responding with their innate knowing and love. 🐾💫

  • I want to kindly mention that I don't offer "Lost animals" services. Nevertheless, I'd be more than happy to guide you to dedicated practitioners who specialize in this area.

  • Animals Read More


Dive into a transformative session lasting either 60 or 90 minutes, be it on Zoom or In-Person. Your experience will be uniquely tailored, with my full attention, uninterrupted. Reach out via WhatsApp at +971 (0) 52 713 7052, and I'll respond promptly. Get set to unlock your potential and embark on an extraordinary journey. 


With our booking platform, your session time is effortlessly adjusted to your local time zone. Say goodbye to any time zone confusion—we've got it handled. However, if you have any doubts or questions, simply reach out to us on WhatsApp at +971 (0) 52 713 7052. We're here to assist and ensure a smooth experience.


Gain Clarity, Heal, And Transform!

1-on-1 Private Sessions
Rapid Transformation & Life changing

Anchor booking


  • Zoom

    $155/- Zoom video conference (Buy A Package ''6'' AED 525/- or $142/- ...

    1 hr

    570 UAE dirhams
  • Zoom

    $217/- PER 90 min SESSION (ZOOM). Buy a Package & pay AED 765/- or $...

    1 hr 30 min

    800 UAE dirhams
  • Zoom

    I don't answer qst like ''Will my children get blue eyes? when I get m...

    1 hr

    570 UAE dirhams
  • Zoom

    $436/- (3 hours) Discover Who You Are and Why You’re Here… With a Life...

    3 hr

    1,650 UAE dirhams
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