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The Hidden Emotions Behind Candida Albicans.

This article is inspired by a common theme in many of my female clients, So now, let's speak about the spiritual cause behind Candida Albicans. As many of you know already, unresolved emotional trauma and negative mental toxicity play a big role in the overgrowth of bad bacteria, fungus, and many more. Emotional and psychological trauma is considered anything which is perceived as traumatic to the mind. and it can be anything from natural disasters, accidents, physical pain, sickness, or emotional pain.

What is Candida?

Candidiasis is a fungal infection caused by a yeast (a type of fungus) called Candida. Some species of Candida can cause infection in people; the most common is Candida albicans. Candida normally lives on the skin and inside the body, such as the mouth, throat, gut, and vagina, without causing problems. Doctors do not consider genital candidiasis as a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Candida is also an opportunistic fungal organism that typically lives in your gut, and all people have it to some extent or another. When your immune system is strong and hardy, Candida stays under the thumb of your immune system and it doesn’t cause problems. But when the immune system is weakened for one reason or another, Candida has the opportunity to flourish and wreak havoc on almost all aspects of your body, causing symptoms such as:

  • Joint pain

  • Fatigue

  • Brain fog

  • Headaches

  • Digestive issues

  • Skin rashes

  • Acne

  • Recurring yeast infections

  • Weakened immune system

  • Irritable bowel syndrome,

Why there is a correlation between candida and healing the Mind?

Any situation that makes you question yourself and look at yourself begins with a situation that triggers your survival. The freeze response of your survival is a spiritual factor because when the freeze response is triggered and you are unable to psychologically “integrate” the traumatic event because the situation was too overwhelming when this happens you may feel frozen and stuck. The stagnant energy stays within the aura in the energetic, and etheric body until it is revisited, integrated, and released. If that energy isn’t released later experiences may trigger the unresolved trauma. Unresolved trauma is seen as energy blockages and/or spiritual blocks. These blocks cause the body to become ultra-conservative, causing an overactive immune system. Unresolved emotional trauma affects not only the endocrine system but the limbic system which over time causes abnormal impulses affecting the central nervous system, cells, and organ tissue. Detoxifying and releasing unresolved emotional trauma by healing the Soul is just as important as your diet, and lifestyle. There are many holistic and spiritual programs and rituals to heal a candida. I personally offer TRT, energy healing, and psychic healing combined with nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.

If you are unsure you have candida...

Stool testing along with an adrenal stress test is the most accurate and best way to go.

Some recommendations for healing candida are to avoid heavy metals and consider working to do a metal cleanse. Metals such as aluminum come from antacids, and food additives, while wood preservatives antiperspirants, water supplies, pesticides, and paint, have arsenic. Some sources of cadmium are cigarette smoke, refine grains, shellfish, tuna, organ meats, soft drinks, batteries, tea, and coffee. Metal cleanses include lead and mercury cleanses. Lead is contained in cosmetics, hair coloring, old plumbing, and glazed from pottery. While mercury buildup is caused by non-organic fruit, vegetables, and grains because they are treated with mercury-based fungicides. Also, vaccines contain mercury. If you have suffered from this condition, know that while diet and supplements may help treat symptoms, but do not heal the root of that issue. Emotional healing will be necessary and will help the physical treatments be more effective and lasting.

Emotionally, candida is associated with feeling victimized and includes:

  • helplessness

  • hopelessness

  • fear of responsibility, too much responsibility

  • overwhelming burden

  • suppressed rage

  • lack of confidence, and betrayal

Often there are underlying and unconscious beliefs, such as:

  • I am not good enough;

  • no matter how hard I try I can’t get what I want

  • I’ve tried everything and nothing works

  • I can’t heal completely

  • I am not lovable

  • Being demanding and untrusting in relationships

  • Not able to own your own power.

  • I am a victim

Does candida protect you from hidden repressed emotions?

Candida has protected you from repressed emotions such as guilt, shame, and anger. Now it is time to work through them! To heal this you need to grow stronger with your personal power. Until you get to the mental and emotional root causes, you will not heal completely. Healing candida is a full journey of self-awareness and empowerment, setting boundaries, feeling and releasing repressed negative emotions, and doing what you love without holding back or selling yourself short. A great first step to empowerment is to stop complaining and blaming. You may see now candida as a real gift! It is there because of what you aren’t able to feel and to show you that it's time to take care of your emotional needs. It will stick around if you look outside of yourself for the answer and comfort.

Is there a lesson for you?

Many people who have recovered from Candida Albicans realise that the disease taught them how to take care of themselves. Many of you, in fact, spend your whole lives taking care of others and putting your own needs of others before your own. Candida is there to teach you to honor your own needs and learn to accept your limitations. Every crisis brings with it a gift of discovery. Perhaps through feeling the extremes of vulnerability that can accompany Candida, you will discover your true strength for the first time. Or maybe through following your path in the presence of criticism from those around you, you will learn confidence and self-reliance. Or maybe you'll discover the power of acceptance without shame during a period of weakness in which you need to ask for help.

Candida and depression/anxiety

Emotional stress has a "cause and effect" relationship with Candida. Stress reduces your immune power and produces stress hormones, including cortisone; a compound that, when produced by the body in excess, interferes with normal tissue healing and repair processes. Being stressed will thus leave you more susceptible to the destructive power of Candida yeast. At the same time, Candida-related toxicity creates stress through its destabilizing effect on blood sugar, the nervous system, and brain chemistry. In order to maintain some objectivity while you are experiencing emotional symptoms, it can be helpful to remember that Candida yeast actually releases toxins that affect your mental and emotional states. Ethanol and acetaldehyde are two of the main byproducts of Candida albicans metabolism; both are neurotoxins. They can actually cause depression, brain fog, and anxiety. Knowing this will help you to maintain a strong offense against the yeast while helping you rationalize the temporary emotional upheavals. Sometimes you will have to work very hard to remind yourself of the toxic component of your feelings. It will help to remind yourself that as your body becomes stronger, so will your emotional balance. Candida illness and Candida detoxification can be a high demand for the liver and this workhorse organ will sometimes need support as a result (i.e. cleansing). Cleaning out the liver will lighten your mood and lift your energy. Note: Liver congestion is directly linked to heavy emotions such as sadness and anger.

Food allergens, airborne chemicals, or molds can all produce dramatic mood-altering effects. For example, in candida sufferers, wheat cause fatigue, confusion, brain fog, anxiety, and depression. Mold causes heart palpitations, dizziness, irritability, panic, and confusion. Chemical exposure causes confusion, anxiety, panic, depression, dizziness, and many other symptoms as well. Be aware of your emotional shifts when tracking reactions in your health diary just as much as you are observing physical changes and you will likely learn a great deal about which foods and substances trigger emotional reactions. The emotional instability that comes with Candida can sometimes lead you to blame or criticize yourself for the ups and downs in your recovery. If you have lost a battle with a sugar craving, for example, it's easy to get angry at yourself for not being stronger. In order to maintain objectivity, it helps to think in a language that reminds us of who our opponent in this struggle really is. You need to remember to blame Candida, not yourself. Otherwise, your self-blame can start to view your own body as the opponent; a situation that is definitely antagonistic to healing!

Don't try to do this alone, ask for help!

It can be overwhelming to try to heal from a lonely place, but some of you will be forced to rely, at least initially, on your own strength to overcome both Candida as well as the criticism and lack of awareness of those around you. You will have enough challenges dealing with doctors and bosses and waiters who don't understand your condition. Do your best to make sure that your loved ones do understand. Don't isolate, educate. Candida creates brain fog, volatile emotions, allergic reactions, and often severe fatigue.

Ask a close friend, family member, or partner to help you get through this. They can help you make decisions by offering a clear mind, unaffected by the subjectivity of your daily inner struggle. There is no better medicine than to have a loved one truly join your healing as a full, whole-hearted partner.

The general medical community has not yet accepted that candida can be the root cause of many illnesses and can surface as a variety of symptoms, whereas, many holistic practitioners believe otherwise. Illnesses often associated with candida include chronic sinusitis, intense itching, crusty build-ups in the ears, chronic fatigue syndrome, colitis, abdominal pain, muscle, and joint inflammation, nagging cough, arthritis, depression, thyroid disorders, respiratory inflammation, and even migraine headaches.

I can help you to heal and book your zoom session today!

Remember – first comes the emotion and then comes the condition. So it is wise to clear the emotional build-up by either working with me or learning how to heal yourself by learning my unique healing method.

About Me,

My work as a Therapist, Healer, & Psychic is to help you to communicate with your soul’s needs and desires. Your actual health challenges are a result of an accumulation of unresolved negative emotions and prerecord, often from your childhood. Your soul expresses these unresolved negative emotions first through your thoughts. If you fail to listen to the messages, those messages become stronger and more difficult for you to ignore. and then it becomes a manifestation of pain, discomfort, or illnesses. Usually, the soul will find a way to get you to take action.

If you are looking to heal yourself of candida and want to begin an individualized regimen that guarantees to heal of the Spiritual and physical manifestations of candida please contact me through my website

I offer a unique modality of Holistic and Spiritual approaches to healing the body, mind, and Soul.

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