Animal Healing

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Restore your animal health naturally, by giving a natural treatment that your animal deserve.

Your animal is reflecting your own imbalances, wounds, and issues, it is your best teacher and healer. Learning how to work with them and connect at deeper levels helps us all be better people. It helps us be more balanced, kind and considerate. It helps us be healthier and clearer about who we really are and what we need and want. And it can completely transform the quality of our lives.

Animal Communication



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What is animal healing?

Animal healing is a complementary therapy, suitable for a wide range of physical and emotional conditions. It is clearing stuck energy and bringing balance back to an animal’s body, mind, heart, and soul. It is very safe and non-invasive, it is a natural treatment, complementary to traditional veterinary medicine. The practitioner usually puts their hands on the body of the animal to help the animal re-balance their vital energies towards releasing tension and/or pain from their body allowing the recovery process to take place. Animal healing can also be done remotely, using a photograph of the animal. The results are often very similar.


Benefit for all animals: (including horses, monkeys, snakes, lions, etc).

- Separation anxiety: it is a serious and common problem for many dogs, barking, whining, Destructive behavior, Drooling, etc.

- Emotional problems: Result of a traumatic situation such as abuse, neglect, or a riding accident, etc.

- Behavioral issues, illness, or injury: accelerate healing and assist the animal’s body in cleansing toxins.

- Focus before an event and assist in reaching their peak performance.

- Experiencing unfamiliar situations such as travel to a different location, being moved to a new type of environment.

- The transition between life and death: bring peace and comfort to you and your animal during this difficult time.



The Healing session can last up to an hour, however, your animal intuitively knows when it has received enough of the Healing Frequencies and will move away. Usually, 3 healing sessions are all that is needed.


Is animal healing legal?

The Veterinary Surgery Act of 1966 prohibits anyone, other than a qualified veterinary surgeon from treating animals, including diagnosis of ailments and giving advice on such diagnosis. However, the healing of animals by contact healing; by the laying of hands or distant healing is legal. The Protection of Animals Act 1911 requires that if an animal clearly needs treatment from a veterinary surgeon the owner must obtain this. To give emergency First Aid to animals for the purpose of saving a life or relieving pain is permissible under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 Schedule 3. When your animal has been to the vet, healing can be then required. It will enhance any treatment as it is non-invasive and gentle.


Important notice:

Animal healing is an alternative practice and is not regulated as a medical or veterinary practice. Animal Healing is not therapeutic or diagnostic by design or intent. Sabine is not a licensed physician or veterinarian and makes no claims of medical efficacy, nor does she guarantee any specific outcomes. She does not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All medical questions are to be referred to as your personal physician or veterinarian.