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Emotional Purging & Detox: Post Care Bliss

After your healing session, it's possible to experience side effects and temporary symptoms, although not everyone will encounter them. These effects are particularly common if you're undergoing a higher or deeper alignment. Rest assured, these symptoms are normal and part of your body's healing journey.

View these side effects as your body's way of releasing heavy or negative energy, paving the way for sustainable healing. Remember, these symptoms are temporary and signify the powerful work being done on multiple levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Embrace this transformative process and the energetic alignment you've received.

NOTE: Be aware that, not all of the changes that may start to unfold will feel comfortable, particularly if it involves changes in relationships (personal, family, job, etc.) The energy Transmission brings your highest truth and integrity into alignment, clearing out all that no longer serves you and bringing in all that will assist you… While uncommon, it’s not unheard of to experience new or old pains resurfacing in the body as the energy begins to flow in new ways. Usually, the pain is fleeting, but if the energy is working through deep, old issues it may stick around for a while. Take all the precautions you would normally take, and most of all, relax as you experience this temporary state of transition.

Remember, this energy has a cumulative effect, so whether you receive transmissions weekly, monthly, or whenever your schedule allows, the energy opens and deepens each time you receive it, creating a clearer and more pronounced transformation in the rest of your life.

If this is your first time receiving an energy transmission with the higher realms, please consider at least one or two more sessions in order to better assess how this energy will unfold for you. People who have adopted regular energy transmission sessions as part of their spiritual practice report deepened and more rapid transformation.

In the 2-3 days following your session, you may encounter certain symptoms, including:

  • Tiredness, slight disorientation, numbness

  • Hard to focus or execute mental tasks, overly active mind.

  • Emotional release and brief anger

  • Physical soreness, aches, tightness

  • Nausea, in rare cases, vomiting.

  • Emotional release, e.g., crying, moodiness, short temper, overwhelm.

  • Menstruation cycles start often post session even if out of the cycle

After your session, prioritize your well-being with these rejuvenating practices. Rest and sleep as much as possible, allowing your body to heal and rejuvenate. Stay hydrated by drinking ample spring water. Opt for light, nourishing meals to support your body's healing process. If available, spend time in nature, enjoying fresh air and light walks. Make time for yourself, engaging in meditation or listening to soothing music for relaxation. It's advisable to avoid caffeine, alcohol, and unnecessary medications during this time. Embrace these nurturing practices to enhance your post-session recovery and promote overall well-being.


There is no real right or wrong way to approach this, but generally speaking, taking at least a few days in between sessions is helpful in order for you to observe the effects or changes that arise. Depending upon the intensity of your session, some people feel that even more integration time is necessary. Others, wishing to further themselves along the path quicker, desire sessions closer together. Listen to that inner voice… the one that knows what you truly need and is ready for, not what the ego-mind desires.

What’s Not Advised

  • Other forms of energy work… just for a few days. Initially receiving this energy transmission is a bit like planting a tiny tree… we want to protect it until it takes root and can stand strong on its own… therefore it’s best not to mix energies for a short while.

  • For many, the energy transmission is very strong, and other forms of energy work are simply unnecessary.

  • Recreational drugs are always ill-advised on the spiritual path, as they interfere with the strength of the nervous system – a key element in supporting the energy structure. Alcohol consumption will work against the energy transmission process.

  • For many, conscious use of plant medicine, including cannabis and mushrooms can sometimes assist in the process of expanding your consciousness. Please be aware though, that it is advised to keep the medicinal use of psycho-active plants (including Bufo, Yop, and Kambo) separate from the energy transmission and to not receive any energy transmission while you still have these plant medicines in your system.

The Positive Journey of Integration and Release

Are the post-care effects negative?

Not at all! While they may be experienced as either pleasant or unpleasant, these effects are ultimately positive manifestations. After healing or therapy, we undergo a transformative process as energies disperse throughout our physical and subtle bodies.

It takes a few days for the new energy to fully integrate. During this energetic process, obsolete elements are released, allowing for a purging of what no longer serves us. Embrace this journey of integration and release as a natural part of your healing experience. Trust the process and welcome the positive transformations that await you.

Understanding Post-Care Effects: Factors at Play

The effects experienced after post-care are influenced by various factors, including:​

  1. Personal Factors: Your own body connection, free will, ego, and intentions (or lack thereof) set before the session.

  2. Readiness and Openness: Your preparedness and willingness to receive the energy also play a role.

These factors interact to shape the unique post-care effects you may experience. Embrace the interconnectedness and transformative potential they offer on your healing journey.

Sensitivity to Energies and the Role of the Ego

Not everyone perceives energies in the same way. Each individual experiences sensations differently, ranging from highly noticeable to subtle effects. The Ego: Debunking Misconceptions Contrary to popular belief, the ego is not solely defined by misplaced pride. It encompasses more than that. The ego also houses our pain, defense mechanisms, and traumas. While it plays a significant role as a "gatekeeper" of our suffering, it is not confined to that role alone. Our cellular memories, for instance, also harbor these experiences. By understanding the diversity of energy sensitivity and gaining insight into the multifaceted nature of the ego, we can navigate our healing journey with greater clarity and compassion.

Enhancing Receptivity: Your Connection with Body and Free Will

  • Your Connection with Your Body: When you feel disconnected, floating, or ungrounded, your sense of receptivity and sensitivity diminishes. Anchoring yourself in your body strengthens the impression of connection and openness.

  • Free Will: Your free will has a profound impact on your receptivity. As sovereign beings, we have the power to make our own decisions. If we choose not to grant access or keep our inner doors closed, the person providing care or therapy cannot reach our inner being. 

  • Acceptance and the Journey: Embracing acceptance is key to experiencing the healing process in the best way possible. By nurturing love and openness, you can unlock transformative experiences on your journey.

With Love, Sabine

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