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Recognize, Understand and Release Spirit Attachments - (7 min reading)

In this article, I will speak about a specific group of negative subtle energies most commonly known as ''spirit attachments, cords, entities, and psychic attacks''. Having said that, those energies may vary in power and potential effects. The process of clearing any of them from the energy field is generally referred to as ''spirit release''. Spirit attachment happens more than we think. One can experience this situation at any age, and it doesn't matter if it is a child, adult, or elderly person. And it has nothing to do with gender, educational level, culture, or social status. Spirit attachment is often the cause of many things in one's life going inexplicably wrong. Today I will educate you briefly about that phenomenon.

First of all, let's speak about the COMMON SYMPTOMS ''ATTACHMENT''





















Practically how does it work?

Let's say, in general, the physical body dies and the spirit transfers to the other side without complication. The spirit is then guided into its next life while its loved ones mourn and build a new normal without their beloved. But when, for any number of reasons, the spirit does not successfully transition to the other side, it remains stuck here on Earth. As the spirit remains near physical bodies without passing on the other side it begins to lose energy and its sense of self-preservation kicks in. The spirit knows it needs more energy to survive and decides to steal energy from a living person by attaching itself to the living person’s body or energetic field. When this happens, the living person starts to feel fatigued, infested by unexplained intense negative emotions, depressed and anxious, or afraid. Or, alternatively, the living person may start engaging in self-destructive behaviors like alcohol abuse, eating disorders, acts of violence, and much more. Annoyingly, those around the afflicted person see the changes in behavior, but nobody can figure out what’s really going on. In appearance, nothing changed, and yet they hardly recognize their loved ones. This can lead to enormous amounts of conflict, tension, isolation, and misunderstanding unless an expert is brought in.

You probably wonder how we attract this.

Some people are more susceptible to picking up spirits than others. There are many ways of unconsciously picking up spirits. Spirits feed off and are attracted by, our negative emotions. Most people attract them when they experience powerful negative emotions during stressful life events (ex. death of a loved one, divorce, marital separation, personal injury or illness, dismissal from work, etc), hold grudges and don’t want to forgive, have feelings of guilt, use alcohol or drugs, despair greatly after a loved one who passed away, during surgeries under the influence of anesthesia, during severe illness when the body is weakened, or during spiritual healing practices. (This is why it's so important to check your healer's level of vibration before starting any healing practice, any ceremony with a shaman, or spiritual course). Also, people raised in abusive environments, where there was no love, are also more susceptible to attracting it. In one word, the more distress a living person is feeling, the higher the likelihood of spirit attachment. And time does not exist in the world of spirits, in the astral world. Quite often some spirits (not all) don't even realize they are no longer, and obviously would not be willing or able to answer some simple questions. There is a possibility that spirits attached themselves to you when you first started to feel negative symptoms. Also, it often happens after the death of a loved one, or when we go through stressful events in life.

Can you get rid of it on your own?

When a spirit is already attached to our body, I would say it is depending on your knowledge and experience. It is also depending on the type of spirit. Without forgetting the amount of love light you will be able to hold during the release process ..... If at that specific time, your vibration is too low, and if your access to angels or other enlightened beings is blocked, then only an experienced practitioner eg, Healer, Shaman, Spiritual Medium, or Celestial Channeler can remove it from your body. When spirits are removed, people often describe the feeling as if someone has removed heavy chains from them; they finally feel free. it can be felt also as if you have removed heavy baggage from you that you was carrying for years. You feel lighter, calmer, and happier, with more motivation for life, more energy, and clearer thinking. Sometimes your facial expression changes, and you have a new sparkle in your eyes. Symptoms caused by spirit attachment do disappear immediately when a spirit is removed. As Soul Healer & Psychic Medium, I am often called on to help clients and students to heal from the effects of these kinds of influences as they show up within the auric field. At these subtle levels, in addition to attachments, I may find certain negative blocks and patterns, which, over time, can have undesirable effects on the person’s health if it's not corrected.

The value of understanding Spirit release and heal yourself

There comes a time when it becomes important and valuable to learn more about spirit release. Doing so will better prepare you to handle such eventualities should they arise, and will make it less likely that you will be caught by surprise, as can sometimes happen.

Negative energies, such as spirit attachments, cords, entities, and psychic attacks, are quite obvious to the person trained to recognize these kinds of blocks and patterns. Becoming more aware of such energies and how to release and transform them can be highly beneficial to the recipient’s health and well-being. For example, you can focus on healing the particular weakness in your energy field that allowed the attachment in the first place. This strengthens the energy system such that future attachments are not as likely to occur. Interestingly enough, the spirit also receives healing benefits, in that sending it to the light allows it to heal and move forward with its own evolution. Another important benefit for your own healing has to do with being able to bring to the surface any conscious and unconscious fears and superstitions you may have around good versus evil, concerns over the need for protection, and impressions that have lingered of the more memorable stories that you may have read and movies you may have seen. Notice, for example, if you are feeling a bit nervous just thinking and reading about this topic. If so, you are not alone, as many people, including myself, when I was a child have felt quite weird or even spooked around such things. This can all be taken care of by doing your own shadow healing around these concerns, and dealing with whatever comes up in such a way that it no longer holds any charge for you. By attending to your own healing needs in this area, you can create a supportive and open space you can deal with similar issues.

How your own shadow plays a role The above-mentioned can easily give the impression that those types of negative energies are floating above and randomly choose those to whom they attach. However, it can certainly sometimes feel this way when on the receiving end of such energies, but I want to tell you, this is not the case, as on some level the seeming “victim” must have given permission or is cooperating in some way, creating a weakness in the energy field. This extends an open invitation that, like a magnet, draws negative energies to the person. This is where the shadow comes in, as anything that is denied or repressed having to do with a person’s negativity or fears of evil and the dark side could, in effect, subconsciously attract this type of energy to him or herself. The person could also unconsciously project negativity and evil onto others, turning him or herself into the victim of seemingly external forces. Unresolved past-life concerns around these issues could also be found within the shadow.

A Spirit-release technique with Arc Angel Michael

There are many ways to accomplish spirit release. One of my favorites is a method that was taught to me by the angels. It involves working with Archangel Michael to open a column or a portal of light that has both a vacuuming and an infusing effect on the body and energy field. This is a very powerful way to do spirit release in that it rigorously cleanses the entire energy system and then fills it to saturation with healing energy. It is very effective and is like being inside a multidimensional aura wash. This technique can be used at any time when you are dealing with other types of difficult situations where releasing accumulations of all kinds of negative energies is needed, followed by saturating the energy system with Energy Healing. In addition, you can use this technique from a distance and for self-healing. This technique addresses several important healing objectives including releasing attached negative energies and entities, cleaning up and repairing the damaged energy system, healing the deeper causes of your presenting issues, and bringing as much immediate symptom relief as possible. Don't forget to send gratitude and appreciation after the release for the healing that has just taken place. Keep in mind that the processing period of integration with the new energy is very important as it allows time to become accustomed to the new frequencies and structure of your energy system. Drinking water helps with hydrating the body and with any detoxification effects of the Healing. The water also acts as a conductor of the enhanced frequencies that are now circulating throughout the energy system. Bathing in the prepared water also facilitates further detoxification and transmutes emotional and mental energies that may be released following the healing session.

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I am here to serve. One of my principal mission is to change people's consciousness, skyrocket your inner awakening, and raise the vibration. I am a Multidimensional Healer specializing in healing complex PTSD. Holding a postgraduate in Transpersonal Regression Therapy from the TASSO institute Holland. Certified NLP & LIFE Coach (RSCI), among other things, I am also a natural Animal Communicator and gifted intuitive. I started to communicate telepathically with beings like animals and many more at the age of 7 yrs old. By the end of 2020, I have been naturally attuned with light language, after I met my first Galactic & Angel beings. Some of them became my new spiritual guides and we are now working together as a team.

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