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Transpersonal Regression Therapy

Unlocking Profound Transformation with Transpersonal Regression

Are you searching for deeper meaning in your life, uncovering aspects that have eluded you through other means? Look no further!

Transpersonal Regression holds the key to transformative experiences. Free yourself from chronic lifelong symptoms like specific phobias, panic attacks, complex PTSD, emotional eating, weight management challenges, fear of failure, fear of public speaking, addictions, ancestral healing, childhood trauma, accidents, shocks, comas, surgeries, sexual abuse, destructive relationships, physical pain, illnesses, and more.

Embrace the power of Transpersonal Regression and embark on a journey of profound healing and self-discovery. It's time to reclaim your life and find the solutions you've been seeking.

Curious about Transpersonal Regression Therapy? Let's dive in!

Transpersonal Regression Therapy (TRT) offers a highly effective and accelerated path to healing. Experience faster results compared to other therapeutic approaches, with a significant reduction in the number of sessions required.

Developed by the renowned Tasso Institute in the Netherlands, TRT is a focused and result-oriented form of regression therapy. It works on two levels: exploring and resolving the causes and origins of issues, while also reactivating forgotten positive feelings and latent talents. Unlike hypnosis, TRT embraces a cathartic approach. Rather than inducing trance through external means, individuals enter a trance state through their own symptoms and challenges.


This therapy addresses past-life experiences, spiritual dimensions, attached spirits, pre-human encounters, and more, grounded in a practical framework. Transpersonal Regression gently addresses inner child work, PTSD, traumas, and psychic attachments. By connecting with the root cause, it brings healing to the pain caused by negative experiences. Release the grip of recurring complaints and embrace a transformed present and future. Experience the profound power of Transpersonal Regression Therapy and unlock your true potential for healing and growth.


Transpersonal Regression Therapy is a powerful tool that can bring remarkable results in various areas of life. Explore the wonders it can work:

  • Suicidal Thoughts: Find hope and healing for those struggling with suicidal feelings.

  • Inexplicable Fears: Address and overcome fears that have no apparent cause or origin.

  • Depression: Uncover and resolve depression that lacks a clear underlying cause.

  • Guilt and Shame: Release unexplainable guilt or shame that weighs you down.

  • Pregnancy, Abortion, Miscarriage: Heal emotional wounds and find solace in these delicate experiences.

  • Psychosomatic Issues: Address physical symptoms with underlying emotional or psychological origins.

  • Relationship Challenges: Find resolution and clarity in troubled relationships.

  • Multiple Personality Disorder: Experience support and healing for those with this condition.

  • Auditory and Visual Hallucinations: Discover ways to cope with and alleviate these challenging experiences.

  • Emotional Abandonment: Heal from the pain of feeling abandoned or neglected.

  • Bullying and Behavioral Problems: Find healing and resolution for bullying experiences and behavioral challenges.

  • Inner Child Healing: Address past traumas and connect with your inner child for deep healing.

  • Sexual Abuse and Self-Worth: Reclaim your self-worth and heal from the trauma of sexual abuse.

  • Empaths and Highly Sensitive Individuals: Release deep-seated emotions and establish healthy boundaries.

  • Social Anxiety and Overthinking: Let go of anxiety and worry about others' opinions, embracing the present moment.

  • Experience the transformative power of Transpersonal Regression Therapy and embark on a journey towards profound healing and personal growth.

For Whom Regression Therapy is NOT SUITABLE?

While Regression Therapy can be highly effective for many individuals, there are certain situations where it may not be suitable. It is important to consider the following:
  • Attachment to Suffering: Not suitable for clients unwilling to let go of their victim mentality.

  • Analytical Tendencies: Clients who overanalyze and rationalize may not benefit.

  • Resistance to Emotion: Not effective for those unwilling to fully experience and process emotions.

  • Unwillingness to be a Patient: Clients who don't actively participate may not find it helpful.

  • Clients who cannot live, cannot relive emotions.
  • Clients on barbiturates or other tranquilizers have to detoxify first.

  • Clients who are insufficiently grounded may seek the causes of their problems in past lives long ago to avoid confronting their problems here and now.

  • Clients who are absorbed in their inner world may further weaken their contact with the outside world.

  • An alcoholic Client has to be free from alcohol for three days.

  • We cannot work with dependent people

  • Clients who re-gurgle all their previous diagnoses and can talk about themselves only in psychobabble, or psychiatric jargon.

Our Clients’ Stories

Enjoying Outdoor

I Had an enlightening experience with Sabine.

I Had an enlightening experience with Sabine. In this day and age, we all need some help and we all have our own worries but Sabine with her amazing unique talent made me feel much lighter and relaxed. After the session, I honestly felt like a big weight was lifted off me and I had not felt that way in years.
Would highly recommend her.
Thank you so much, Sabine. 🤗🤗


That changed my life almost overnight.

I have known Sabine now for over five years and have consulted with her for various issues I have had. My first consultation was regression therapy and honestly, that changed my life almost overnight.

Another regression I had with Sabine immensely improved my relationship with my mother. Every time I have a consultation with Sabine I learn so much about myself and whatever situation I am in at that time.

She is sincere and caring and direct and I confidently recommend Sabine.


Sabine's work is honest insightful and powerfully transformative

Wow wow wow! Sabine's work is honest insightful and powerfully transformative I maintained stillness for a few days to integrate the work. And I am truly grateful for the transmutation of blockages, I feel as if my turbo charge kicked in as I am powerfully and efficiently moving towards my dreams and goals!
It is all happening! Thank you, Sabine!


Words aren’t enough to thank Sabine for the good work she’s been doing

A very close friend recommended I meet Sabine and she has been an extremely helpful guide over the past few months. She has helped me reduce my emotional baggage over time and helped me work through a lot my trauma and been a good source of positivity when things got really dark.
Most recently she helped me understand my cat a little better and helped Luna with the trauma she went through early on in her life.
Words aren’t enough to thank Sabine for the good work she’s been doing and continues to do.

Special interview with Hans Ten Dam, the founder of Transpersonal Regression Therapy 

Interview with Marion Boon, the co-founder of Transpersonal Regression Therapy 

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