Transpersonal Regression Therapy

Transpersonal Regression can transform your life! It offers a rapid method of treating symptoms that may be taking many months or years of costly therapy to alleviate… Many are able to rid themselves of chronic lifelong symptoms, such as specific phobias, panic attacks, recurrent nightmares, unexplained fears, complex PTSD, repeated destructive relationships, physical pain and illness, and countless other issues.

"Anything that does not express itself is imprinted inside you!" All the emotions that you repress because you cannot or do not want to verbalize, can crystallize in different parts of your body. 

Change is never painful, only the resistance to change is painful. You have to embrace it.

What Is Transpersonal Regression Therapy?

Regression means re-discovering and re-visiting earlier experiences that have caused your present complaints and conditions. Regression therapy is about connecting to the ‘root cause’. Negative experiences cause pain and this pain needs to be healed, otherwise, it will keep coming up again and again in your present and future as a complaint. 

Transpersonal Regression therapy offers a rapid method of treating symptoms … Many people can rid themselves of chronic lifelong symptoms, such as phobias, panic attacks, recurrent nightmares, unexplained fears, complex PTSD, Addictions, Ancestral healing, Inner child healing, Loss of direction: Where to go? What to do? Discovering the life plan. Sexual abuse healing to align with your sacred sexuality, and any kind of attachment (such as complicated grief, ancestors & spirit release, earthbound & troubled spirits, and so on.) Physical pain and illness, and countless other issues.

Working example:

In the case of claustrophobia, starting in the regression mode, this will be something like: “Go back to the first time ever you felt claustrophobic.” Starting in the personification mode would be: “Now you see entering the main cause of your claustrophobia.” Staring with energy work, it would be: “You will now see and feel an energy, a substance or a thing on or inside your body that makes you feel claustrophobic. Where in your body are you now feeling and seeing something.” When the problem would have started at birth, the regression instruction brings the client in a panic just before coming out, when breathing is impossible, and she feels stuck and squeezed, panicking that she can’t get out. The personification could produce seeing a baby who is blue in the face or a panicking or unconscious mother. The energetic instruction could produce the image and feel of a slimy lump in the throat. Within a session, all three methods can and will be used.

Why Regression Therapy Is Very Effective?

Regression therapy is much faster and much more effective than either classical forms of psychoanalysis or regular forms of behavioral therapy. Regression therapists unlock the intuitive powers of their clients without diminishing in any way their rational powers. They work with emotions and bodily sensations and with the mind as well. They avoid sensationalism and fantasy. They have a detective attitude. They try to be factual and empirical: they do what works, again and again.

For Whom Regression Therapy is NOT SUITABLE? 

People addicted to their suffering are rather cases for 'anti-therapy', jolting them out of the standard patient-therapist relationship. Others are walking case files: they re-gurgle all their previous diagnoses and can talk about themselves only in psychobabble, or psychiatric jargon. Also, people who refuse to be patients are unfit. They refuse to suffer in all its forms (they have forgotten to feel, as a feeling is too painful or too threatening), and so are unfit for explorative, insight-oriented therapies. They refuse to relax and want to interpret, comment, and rationalize anything remotely resembling a significant experience or emotion. Who cannot live, cannot relive. Clients who are insufficiently grounded may seek the causes of their problems in past lives long ago to avoid confronting their problems here and now. Absorption in their inner world may further weaken their contact with the outside world. An alcoholic has to be free from alcohol for three days. People on barbiturates or other tranquilizers have to detoxify first. We cannot work with dependent people. Assuming responsibility is a condition for any therapy that is insight-oriented.

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A session is 90 minutes, and the rate is AED 760/- ($ 206/-). The session begins with a brief chat about issues/challenges and dreams. The desired outcome for a session. The session includes consultation, therapy, and time following the therapy for questions, sharing, and insights.


Reasons To Seek A Regression Therapy

  • Fear of flight, phobias

  • Past life healing, release past life traumas at the root of physical problems

  • Reactivate talents and abilities from the past

  • Align with life purpose

  • Ancestral, genetic, and transgenerational healing

  • Soul healing & soul retrieval, Shadow work

  • Inner child healing

  • Confidence & self-esteem, empowerment after abuse (any kind)

  • Sexual abuse clearing and healing to align with sacred sexuality

  • Alzheimer disease (trough surrogate session)

  • Any kind of attachment (complicated grief, ancestors & spirit release, earthbound & troubled spirits, etc.)

  • Personality disorder, obsessive-compulsive behavior

  • Loss of direction: Where to go? What to do? Discovering the life plan

  • Psychosomatic complaints or somatic complaints that don't respond to medical treatment

  • Depression, suicidal tendency, eating disorders

  • Healing addictions and self-sabotage

  • Chronic fatigue, nail-biting, procrastinating, tinnitus, stuttering, insomnia. and much more...

"Regression Therapy May Help Where Other Therapies Fail"

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