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Are you searching for answers about your purpose and direction in life?

Feeling stuck and unable to move forward?

As a Spiritual Bridge, Sabine offers guidance through channeling and connection to higher realms.

Sabine taps into your guides, ancestors, and spiritual beings through channeling to provide a unique and transformative experience. 

Uncover your true path with a powerful session of channeling with Sabine!

Sabine mentors individuals in uncovering the whisper of their inner wisdom, empowering them to embrace their confidence and unearth their authentic truth

She offers various workshops and classes to assist you in discovering your inner voice and uncovering your authentic self.

My journey:

In the early days, channeling was like a secret dance between me and the universe. used to whisper its magic to only a handful of kindred spirits. But guess what? The secret's out, and I'm dancing in the spotlight now! Why the change? Well, my craving to spread good vibes in this crazy world just couldn't be contained by the walls of privacy anymore. So here I am, turning up the volume on positivity and sharing the cosmic groove with everyone!

Channeling walked into my life like a cosmic dance, stepping in with its rhythm in fits and starts, just like my spiritual journey. I began with sporadic encounters with Beings from the Higher Realms, and now, here I am, grooving to the celestial beats, embodying profound concepts, teachings, and messages. It's not just about me anymore; it's about sharing this celestial playlist with all of you!

Lately, some awesome clients have been hitting me up, all curious about diving into the magical world of channeling. I tell them, first, to take care of what they are experiencing in the realm of form. Be responsible for your circumstances in the physical before you attempt to be a conduit for the spiritual. Channeling is not an escape from your life circumstances. The ability to Channel is often a byproduct of working through the most challenging of Life circumstances.

I'm not saying that you have to be a perfect human being to Channel the Higher Realms.  Just spend five minutes with me, and you'll witness the rollercoaster of kindness and the occasional jerkiness - yes, I own up to it! 😄 What I am saying is that as you willingly work through your challenges you attain the wisdom and the higher vibration that aligns you with the Beings of the Higher Realms.

I've been seeing spirits since I rocked pigtails at the age of 7! Now, guess what? I'm not here to hoard all the ghostly fun for myself—I'm spilling the cosmic beans and teaching you the full-blown process of channeling. Buckle up for a journey into the mystical unknown, and let's dance with the spirits together!

I regularly conduct workshops and courses where I teach the process of channeling. If you're interested in learning how to connect with the Higher Realms, feel free to join one of my sessions.

Discover the Benefits of a Session:

  1. Connect with Guides, Arc Angels, Ancestors, Animals, and Higher Realms: Through telepathy, receive clear guidance from your spirit guides, animal companions, ancestors, and celestial beings.

  2. Pre-Birth and Newborn Communication: Uncover your soul's mission on Earth, make necessary adjustments for a smooth welcome, and explore reasons for returning or previous miscarriages.

  3. End-of-Life and Coma Communication: Experience telepathic communication to receive messages, explore the desire to return from a coma, and understand how to assist during the transitioning process.

  4. Communicating with Disabilities: Engage in conversations with the incarnated soul of individuals with conditions like Alzheimer's, Dementia, Cerebral Palsy, Locked-In Syndrome, Autism, or Down Syndrome. Discover insights on their chosen disabilities and gain advice for enhancing their daily lives.

  5. Soul Connection through Pictures and Names: Gain profound insights by presenting pictures or names, enabling deep conversations with the soul connected to those individuals, places, or objects.

Experience the transformative power of a sessions and unlock profound insights into your spiritual journey and purpose."

Experience an Unparalleled Channeling Session!

Discover the essence of your Soul blueprint, an energetic pattern that shapes your life's experiences. I read you, without cards or any other support, giving you a deeply insightful overview of your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Feel free to ask questions about any area of your life, from relationships and careers to health and life transitions. These sessions are dynamic and co-creative, working with your Higher Self/Soul and our Spirit Guide Team. Gain crystal-clear clarity and empowerment for your journey."

In essence, the word 'psyche' refers to the soul, and psychics tap into the depths of this soulful experience. Through the transmission of information from one mind to another, psychics unveil details about past, childhood, and the present moment. The spoken word holds immense value in this process, as it enhances awareness and provides genuine guidance. Beyond mere parlor games, psychic readings empower individuals to make life-changing decisions by confirming their inner intuitions or introducing new information. As a result, reading broadens your perspective, making significant issues more manageable and granting you profound peace of mind. Embrace the realization that you are far more than you ever imagined."

Our Clients’ Stories

Walking the Dog

Guy Wilkinson (UAE)

Sabine Could communicate telepathically with my wife who was in a coma 

Barbara had been battling cancer for four years, on a routine hospital visit she became delirious and by the second day had fallen asleep and was no longer responsive. I know now that her organs had begun shutting down. This had all happened so quickly that we had not had time to say goodbye. So I called Sabine and she came to the hospital. Thanks to Sabine, who was able to speak to her as though she was there in front of us with all her faculties. Barbara explained to us that she was halfway between her body and the other side and that she could see her father waiting for her there to welcome her. She had wanted to stay as long as possible in her body for my sake and for the sake of those who loved her, but knew that her sick body was no longer able to contain her soul. Sabine then told me and my friends that our task was therefore to help my wife transition to the other side, by letting her go. Honestly, after hearing my wife speak through Sabine, I had no problem at all in wishing that she would go as soon as possible to be with her loved ones in heaven... I understood that his was her time and that nothing I could do would stop it. 
As I write this, I am in just the second week of deep grief and mourning. But I understand that my grief is for myself, I miss having her incarnated soul with me at home, and doing everything together, as we have done as much as possible over the last 34 years. But I do not feel sad for her, I honestly feel happy for her. In this “seance” in the hospital (I don’t know how else to call this miraculous event, which was like a phone call to Heaven), we were even able to discuss some practical arrangements that we had not had time to talk about before. I asked my wife what she would like me to do with her body. Her answer was that she would not be remaining in her body or in any coffin or in any pile of ashes, but that she would be with me at my side in spirit for always. Among her last wishes that she was able to communicate to me, she said that she wished that I could finally have the courage to follow my happiness and to live my life pursuing my passion.
Sabine truly has an amazing gift and I wish that anyone who finds themselves in a similar position to the one I was in, would be able to call her.
(Read the full story here:

Winter Fashion

Carol Pinto (UAE)

Her readings are so accurate, her energy healings are so powerful that only in two sessions all the blocks in my life started untangling...

I have been seeing Sabine for about two years now and my life has completely changed ever since. Her readings are so accurate, her energy healings are so powerful that only in two sessions all the blocks in my life started untangling, and I was put back in the right direction taking certain strong decisions that I would have never even thought of taking resulting in positive outcomes. Sabine is direct, straightforward, empathetic, and such an expert in her field. She is always available to discuss, is a people person, and is solution-oriented.
I highly recommend her should you wish to transform your life!


Carla Cioffi (Washington)

Sabine is the real deal. The reading she did for me was incredible

I have had a number of intuitive/mediumship readings over the years, and I must say Sabine is the real deal. The reading she did for me was incredible, supportive, and very clear. Sabine is extremely direct, which I personally appreciate. The information I received was invaluable. I recorded the reading she did for me, and I am so glad I did as I was able to refer to it whenever I needed to.
Sabine also did readings for my cats and gave support to them while we traveled on an international flight.
She is very connected to Spirit. She is not only professional and extremely good at what she does, but she is also a very kind, compassionate person with really wonderful energy.
I cannot recommend her enough to anyone wanting an intuitive/mediumship reading and/or communication with their animals. Sabine is a true treasure. I look forward to working with her again in the future. And I hope someday to take her workshops!

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