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How to harness sexual energy for spiritual growth & healing between partners

Sexual encounters are more than just physical acts. Every time you have contact with someone sexually, you also have an exchange of energy. (Most of you are not aware of that important part). This energy flow can either uplift you and empower you, or cause blockages and absorption of unwanted energies. Sexual energy exchange is something you need to ensure will be beneficial to your well-being by not allowing negative energy in sexual relations in your lives. You need to be attentive with whom you share your energy, in every shape, way, or form. On a spiritual level and on an energetic level, when you have a sexual experience you deposit energy into your sexual partners. They too exchange their energy with you. And YES! Just like diseases can be passed from one partner to another, emotions and attitudes can be shared as well. Vibrational energies such as irritation, anger, and the like can be exchanged during sexual intercourse.

How to harness sexual energy for spiritual growth & healing between partners?

When you have a sexual relationship with someone, your boundaries are removed and your consciousness is altered, allowing us to transcend to a blissful state. You are able to sense things about your partner, and your partner too. Surrendering to one another allows you to become a sexual conduit. Human ecstasy or bliss is just a fraction of what you can achieve with your partner. During a sexual energy exchange, your relationship is about more than just the two of you, it’s a connection to the divine and you and your partner can bring this to one another. sacred energy exchange involves inviting the spirit into your experience, and this creates a sacred experience high in passion and love, your hearts and erotic energies blend into one and fuse, creating sacred spiritual energy. If you’ve never had the experience of bringing the divine into lovemaking, here’s how you can harness it: First you must create a sacred space by ensuring the environment you are in is conducive to positive sexual energy exchange. Switch off your phones to ensure you will not be disturbed, try lighting some incense and candles, or even rub some oils onto one another. You want to create a sensual and spiritually uplifting space that is sacred and beautiful. Your physical body requires positivity too! You need to hold one another while making eye contact. Stare into each other's eyes and remain in an embrace for as long as possible. Allow your hearts to touch. This is a non-sexual exchange of energy that will allow you to open up your energy fields. Breathing together is also a way to create sacred sexuality. synchronize your every breath. in and out. This allows you to become intuitively attuned. Allow yourselves to feel each other's warmth and soak up one another’s energy. Allow the spiritual life force to flow through your partner and yourself. When you are ready, it’s time for sexual intercourse. In your mind say to yourself the words “May the divine flow through me” and remain open to receiving. Once you’ve invited spirit into your lovemaking, you will feel orgasmic bliss. Allow your heart to open up and surrender to the divine. Now it’s time to relax together. Allow this sacred moment to linger and last as long as possible. Do not jump out of bed but remain in your partner's loving embrace. There’s no need to speak if silence feels right. Cherish that special moment.

Sexual energy exchange & casual sex encounters: How to protect yourself

When you’re interacting with someone on a sexual BUT casual level and you don’t know the person, you actually have no idea what sort of energy you’re allowing to mingle with yours. This can cause a lot of problems. You might recall waking up after a once-off encounter with a stranger feeling groggy, angry, and miserable. This is how your body tells you that you’ve picked up bad energy from the person you had sexual intercourse with. You NEED to get rid of this energy asap. Of course, It is possible to have a casual encounter without the negative energy exchange. It’s the lower vibrational energies you want to get rid of. They can cause many imbalances when getting trapped in your energy body, some even cause sickness or diseases.

Here are a few ways you can cleanse yourself after a negative, casual sex encounter: 1. Saltwater Bath with Epsom salts, add some lavender oil, and allow yourself to soak for at least 20 minutes. 2. Cleanse yourself with Sage. start at the top of your head moving downwards towards your feet in a clockwise motion.

3. Energy Healing to release trapped energies (in that type of sexual encounter they have a risk of catching foreign energies, and getting spirit attachment if alcohol is involved the risk is even higher).

How Sexual Intimacy affects your Aura

When we have sex with someone energetic imprints suggest that high levels of intimacy actually intertwine with our aural energy. By not cleansing our auras after sexual intercourse we allow “spiritual debris” to remain and accumulate in ourselves. Our auras can become confused thanks to this clogging of debris. The more sexual encounters we have with multiple people, the more energies we carry! By carrying multiple negative energies we begin to repel positive energies and we even start attracting exactly what we don’t want (more negative energy). The closer and more intimate your sexual encounters are, the more you absorb into your aura. When you think of sex as a meaningless, loveless act and by having multiple partners on a regular basis, your aura becomes broken. You need to remember that sex is not just a physical act. Be aware of where your energy is before you get involved in any sexual act, as well as during and after the act itself. Now, let's explore the orgasm itself...

Orgasm itself has been misunderstood for centuries. The energy of ecstasy connects you back with your divine source. The discovery of The high frequency of sexuality arises from the love experience it has nothing to do with a relationship being either homosexual or heterosexual, it has to do with two human beings bringing pleasure to one another in a way that opens frequencies of consciousness. Love is the essence that is to be created in all relationships what matter is love and how you explore this love. Sexuality can be very confusing at this time because you are raising your frequencies when you join bodies. Even when you hug the body you exchange frequencies when you are having a sexual experience they are a hormonal release inside the body the hormones awakens certain energies inside the cells and there is a transfer of one person's essence to the other one that is why when you have a sexual experience you sometimes cannot get their energy off you! Even though you don’t want to be with that person the sexual experience stays with you bcz you have had an electromagnetic exchange. Understand the sexual frequency you exchange with another, so you are bonding yourself and chemically exchanging with the person who is not of your likeness, you are taking on the garbage bcz you are exchanging energy quite intimately. Nobody told you that you can exchange frequencies and remember who you are through sexuality.

USES OF ORGASMS: You probably have heard that orgasms are healthy for your body. “Accumulation of energy creates an imbalance in the body and if that energy is not channeled, the body becomes unhealthy. So, orgasm keeps you healthy on a mental, emotional, and physical level. Man’s sexual energy is like fire, it flares up quickly and dies down quickly as well. A woman’s sexual energy is like water, it can take time to boil but can stay hot for a long time. The woman, due to being born in a female body, is more connected to the earth and its vitality and has a better connection with energy as well, especially sexual energy. The woman, energy, is worshipped in Tantra because once the energy boils, there is really no limit to how much accumulates and is sustained. By the way, Tantra is the most well-known example of sexual practice being used as a doorway to enlightenment. As an example, tantric men, instead of ejaculating and bringing the sexual encounter to an end, learn to maintain their sexual energy for longer and longer periods. They put their focus on the woman. The woman has the ability to download huge amounts of energy, translating it into orgasmic potential and pulling the man into orgasm with her, and there are seven types of orgasm a woman can experience!

What are the physical benefits?

as you probably know, orgasm leads to feelings of euphoria and pleasure which reduce stress, depression, and anxiety levels, and boost the immune system. Orgasm is also known to burn calories, promote relaxation and release tension, which can improve your sleep quality. It increases blood circulation in the body and the brain, leading to increased mental sharpness. It can help alleviate pain, and even regenerate cells in the body. It increases the hormone oxytocin in your body, which is a powerful brain chemical that inspires feelings of intimacy. This “cuddle hormone,” oxytocin makes you feel connected to your partner, making you bond better. After an orgasm, the body opens up to a state of receptivity, during which the meridians and chakras of the body receive an unrestricted flow of energy. Alignment occurs between the vibration of your physical perspective and your non-physical perspective. Then, you experience a blending between your physical aspect and your non-physical aspect. During an orgasm, the awareness of your identity or your ego is dissolved, and you can touch your infinite nature. This is why sex and orgasm have been used as tools in spirituality to reach higher states of consciousness. Orgasm is, in fact, one practice you can use to attain enlightenment.

To end this chapter, let's speak ''PORN EPIDEMIC''⠀

There’s something spreading faster than a virus that’s MUCH more destructive. Regular porn usage causes depression, dopamine imbalance, lethargy, social/emotional dysfunction, and even erectile dysfunction. Let me be clear here, when I say porn ‘usage’, as though it were a drug. Porn use affects the brain exactly as drugs do. A scientific, rather superficial explanation would be that watching porn causes excessive floods of dopamine which lead to quick, intense gratification, but then drop off steeply, leading to a ‘comedown’ period of depression and lethargy - leading you to seek more. To get a bit more esoteric, Orgasm can be the most generative, healing, creative force, or the most draining, depleting act you can do. When you’re connected with a partner, you’re exchanging energy, and bonding with each other. When you’re connected to an image on a screen, you’re sending your life force away from yourself. (Surprised?) Now you must wonder where is this energy going ? Who or what is feeding off of the almost incomprehensible amount of sex energy that millions are sending out into the ethers every day? You may refer to the ‘Astral Sex Beast’, a massive force of darkness on this planet, feeding off the unending supply of sexual energy the porn industry is drawing in. It only exists because it is being fed in ... What do you think you’re bonding to when you jerk off to that pornstar? Why do you think it’s so hard for some of you to stop? The reason is simple, you just have a few tentacles dug into your sex center. Why is that porn one thing you can consume for free? The answer is very simple, as with any good drug dealer, you get lured in with a free sample. Remember nothing is free, you become another food source for a parasitic entity. Instead of fighting and arguing over each other’s backgrounds and beliefs, maybe you can start to see that we’ve all been equally played by a much larger and relatively invisible force from behind the scenes - which thrives on our confusion and conflicts.

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