Intuitive Guidance & Channeling 

Do you ever wonder why you are here, or what you are here to do? 

Do you wonder why you cannot move forward in life? 

Do you feel stuck?

A channeling session will help you to make the right decision in business, job, love life, Choose the right investment, the right relationship, etc...

Reasons Why You Should Go For A Session With Sabine :


  • End of life, near to transitioning, or in a coma: I have the ability to enter in communication with the client telepathically we can ask questions like, do you have a message for us? in case of coma, do you want to come back? if yes do you know when? in some cases ''near to death'' what can we do to help you to transition? etc.

  • Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Cerebral Palsy or Locked-In Syndrome, Autism, Down Syndrome: we can easily communicate with the client and having a conversation with the soul incarnated in the disabled body,  Why did you choose this disability? what can we do to make your life easier? Do you have any advice for your daily life? etc.

  • Unborn spirit, before or during pregnancy, with the newborn: we can ask the soul, what is your main mission on Earth?  Do we need to do some adjustments to welcome you? When are you ready to incarnate ( before pregnancy), why did you return? (miscarriage etc).

  • Connect with your Guides, with Arc Angels, with Ancestors, with Animals, or any other being, other Dimensions, Higher Realms, etc...: using telepathy will allow you to get clear guidance from your spirit guides, your Animals friends, your ancestors, Arc Angels, etc.

  • Working on pictures, Name places..: we can ask a full combination of questions to the soul of someone present of the picture you have chosen to show me, or with the name of a person, even a house, an object and much more...

A Channeling session with Sabine is like nothing you've ever experienced before!

We all have a Soul blueprint that is a tangible, energetic grid pattern that creates the foundation for all of our experiences. You will receive validation for all of your life experiences and a deeper understanding of the why of your life. Sabine reads you, without cards or any other support, giving you a deeply insightful overview of your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

You can ask questions about any aspect of your life, from health to relationships, to life transitions, to career, no topics are off-limits to Source Consciousness! These sessions are multidimensional, dynamic, and co-creative! I work with your Higher Self/Soul and our combined Spirit Guide Team to not only bring you CRYSTAL CLEAR CLARITY about your life but to ALSO EMPOWER YOU.

In truth psyche means soul. And most Psychics are tapping into the experience of the soul. Generally, a psychic conveys information from mind to mind. Whether that information is about past lives, childhood, pre-earth, or the immediate present. The value is found in the spoken word. Awareness can be and often is enhanced by this process and this is its true value. Otherwise, it simply becomes parlor games for entertainment, even if legitament. People are able to make a life-changing decision often given new information or confirmation of what they sensed or knew within themselves.  As a result of soul reading, you will gain a broadened perspective. The big issues become smaller and easier to manage. You will gain greater peace of mind and understanding – realizing that you are much more than you ever thought.

How Long Does a Session Last?
A session is 60 minutes, and the rate is AED 560/- ( $ 128/-). The session includes consultation, channeling, transmission, and time following the transmission for questions, sharing and insights.

Our Clients’ Stories

Walking the Dog

Guy Wilkinson (UAE)

Sabine Could communicate telepathically with my wife who was in a coma 

Barbara had been battling cancer for four years, on a routine hospital visit she became delirious and by the second day had fallen asleep and was no longer responsive. I know now that her organs had begun shutting down. This had all happened so quickly that we had not had time to say goodbye. So I called Sabine and she came to the hospital. Thanks to Sabine, who was able to speak to her as though she was there in front of us with all her faculties. Barbara explained to us that she was halfway between her body and the other side and that she could see her father waiting for her there to welcome her. She had wanted to stay as long as possible in her body for my sake and for the sake of those who loved her, but knew that her sick body was no longer able to contain her soul. Sabine then told me and my friends that our task was therefore to help my wife transition to the other side, by letting her go. Honestly, after hearing my wife speak through Sabine, I had no problem at all in wishing that she would go as soon as possible to be with her loved ones in heaven... I understood that his was her time and that nothing I could do would stop it. 
As I write this, I am in just the second week of deep grief and mourning. But I understand that my grief is for myself, I miss having her incarnated soul with me at home, and doing everything together, as we have done as much as possible over the last 34 years. But I do not feel sad for her, I honestly feel happy for her. In this “seance” in the hospital (I don’t know how else to call this miraculous event, which was like a phone call to Heaven), we were even able to discuss some practical arrangements that we had not had time to talk about before. I asked my wife what she would like me to do with her body. Her answer was that she would not be remaining in her body or in any coffin or in any pile of ashes, but that she would be with me at my side in spirit for always. Among her last wishes that she was able to communicate to me, she said that she wished that I could finally have the courage to follow my happiness and to live my life pursuing my passion.