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What to expect from a channeling consultation?

You've booked channeling consultation and are getting excited, perhaps a little nervous, you may wonder what to expect. Here, I am sharing a few tips on what to expect from your consultation so you can really get the most from it.

  • To receive the best results from your consultation with sabine, it is important to remember that she is working spontaneously. She does not know in advance what the content of the information will be. In this sense, you are both in the same situation - both entering the unknown. Therefore, nothing can be guaranteed and every consultation is an experiment. When you understand this, you will gain much more from your session.

  • Of course, we have expectations about what might be received in. However, you will benefit much more if you can put aside your expectations about receiving specific information. Approach the consultation with an open mind and remain receptive to whatever may come. 

  • Of course, we have questions when we go into a session. Sabine is not trained to give useful and meaningful information. Therefore many of your questions may be addressed during the consultation. If your questions have not been answered in the course of the consultation, you may wish to flag them up for discussion around 10 minutes before the end of your session. The danger in asking a specific question of a consultant right at the start is that they are then placed under pressure to answer. It is not certain whether their opinion may be received, or whether the answer comes from their psychic intuition or mediumistic/ channeling skill.

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