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2 Full Days Masterclass - Pathway to Enlightenment -''Higher Realms"

2 Full Days Masterclass - Pathway to Enlightenment -''Higher Realms"

Recreate Your Reality & Unleash Your Inner X-Ray Vision To Become a Medical Intuitive. As you step into the sacred realm of this exceptional offering, you open the gateway to a life adorned with purpose and meaning.

Recommended prerequisite: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced 


NOTE: It's a big file divided into 3 parts (audio and video)

Make sure to mention the correct email address to receive the dropbox link with all files.

If you are facing any delay please Whatsapp +971 (0) 52 713 7052


Recreate Your Reality: Unleash the Power of Medical Intuitive Anatomy. Join us in this unique training where I will share my knowledge of medical intuitive anatomy and teach you how to develop an expanded perception of the body. Together, we will unlock the secrets of healing.

Discover the intricate connection between the subtle energy anatomy systems and the physical anatomical systems. With your newfound X-ray vision, you'll be able to identify the source of energy imbalances and physical ailments, allowing for targeted healing.

Through this comprehensive training, you'll learn to scan the physical anatomy in detail, while also uncovering the emotional, mental, and spiritual factors that impact overall well-being. Dive deep into the underlying causes that affect the body, mind, and spirit, and gain the tools to bring about transformative healing.

It's time to spread your light and make a positive impact on yourself and others. Step into this remarkable journey of self-discovery, and unlock the power of medical intuitive anatomy to recreate your reality. With the tools of medical intuitive anatomy in your hands, you have the ability to recreate your reality and spread your light in the world.


Topics day 1 and day 2:

- Techniques perform a scan using inner vision

- Type of energetic implants still existing in your etheric body

- Scanning Energy Implant and how to treat it

- Connecting and working with Higher Sources for medical intuition

- Mediumship and Channeling Practise sessions to build confidence and accuracy

- Learning new powerful healing techniques for each cause

- Help lost souls go to the light

- Channeling Archangels

- Andromedan, Lyrans, Avians, Arcturians, Lemurians communication 

- Ethics & Healing in Integrity.

- The light body explained & awakens your light body

- Contacting Extra-Terrestrial



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Meet your instructor

Sabine, a renowned therapist, animal whisperer, and healer, has spent years sharing her knowledge and healing power throughout Europe, the UAE, Qatar, and the USA. With a postgraduate degree in regression therapy from the esteemed TASSO Institute Holland, she has developed unique methods to help individuals find balance and harmony in their lives. Sabine's aim is to empower people to discover their higher purpose and create a new reality by connecting with their inner infinite source. Her expertise and generosity have touched the lives of many across Europe and the UAE.


All courses are written & designed by Sabine Poncelet UAE. A Trading name & brand name of OptiMizz Life LLC. All rights reserved.

About Sabine:


Sabine has designed and written training programs:  

- Animal Whispering 

- Intuitive & Spiritual Development through Channeling 

- Empowering Sensitives and Empaths  

- Communicate with Disabling, Locked in Syndrome by using Mental Telepathy

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    AED1,200.00Sale Price
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