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Animal Communication - Beginners - One full day Class

Animal Communication - Beginners - One full day Class

Discover how to ‘communicate with your pet by telepathy, and learn different methods of accessing higher levelof communication with animals. (Replay)


NOTE: It's a big file (audio and video)

Make sure to mention the correct email address to receive the Dropbox link with all files.

If you are facing any delay please Whatsapp +971 (0) 52 713 7052


Prepare your note pad & pen (for exercises)


How would your life be different if you knew exactly what your animal was thinking, feeling, and needing? If you were able to feel inside your own body ... It can be your reality tomorrow...


You probably already know that if you are nervous, your ANIMAL will sense it and feel nervous as well.

People don't realize how extremely sensitive animals are to every vibration, during the workshop you will understand how your animal thinks, and you will discover how your animal sends and receives feelings (eg, your worries, happiness, and much more).

Animals are masters at communicating if we just listen to them. Many times we’re too busy to listen. The universal language of telepathy enables us to utilize our intuition and skills to communicate with other species.

We receive telepathic messages in the form of thoughts, ideas, words, images, sensations, sounds, emotions, and many more. Our thoughts and emotions have a real electromagnetic & energetic field, that can be perceived.


People can use animal communication in different situations:

- Behavior issues, notifying your animal of upcoming changes

- general check-in & to know the likes and dislikes.

- lost animals: (level 4),

- get help in introducing animals to each other and adopting animals,

- find out about a rescued animal's past (levels 2),

- death, and dying (level 3).


At the end of this course, your mind will be completely transformed in the way to understand your animal !!!

Come with us on a journey, a journey that will unite your animal soul self with your inner animal whisperer.

Sabine is an expert on animals' souls, and she's happy to help you get started on your way to connect with success…doing something you love to do AND something that helps others!

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