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Light Language Activation Package

Individual Classes Tailored For You Only

6 Sessions Activation Package to unlock your unique soul light language

*Available In Person Or Online

Are you ready to free your original language and speak codes of light? This individual activation package is for you.


The Language of Light is also called the Language of Creation. Light Language is the language of your Soul.


  • You will connect with your intentions and learn how to drop into a flow state. Set aside your ego and open your channel so that you can allow the codes of light to express through you.


  • You will develop a writing practice to allow a stream of consciousness to land on the page.


  • We will explore, practice, and play, integrating and embodying your light language as you discover the joy of free-flow moving expression.


  • You will activate your rainbow body and layout your vocal color palette so that you have easy access to a variety of sounds that you can create.


  • Discover the power of being able to send healing energy through your Light Language expression. Give healing energy to yourself and others.


Much love,



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