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Sabine Therapies training program in
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Sabine Therapies training program
SabineTherapies Our Training Program
SabineTherapies Our Training Program
SabineTherapies -Training Program in
SabineTherapies -Training Program in
SabineTherapies -Training Program -
SabineTherapies -Training Program -
SabineTherapies -Training Program -

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, more important than our personal spiritual and healing work. Everything else is a distraction to keep us away from the real goal of our incarnation here. Nothing will change it yourself, this is your individual responsibility. This is what you came here to do in this life, and if you do not want to do it, no one else can do it for you. We have many obligations in our daily lives, but ultimately what will really count and make the difference for us in the next few years is not so much what we have done, but what we have become! What we do comes and goes in the passage of time, but what we become, as divine beings, embracing our Divinity from the perspective of human experience, remains with us for eternity. 

Sabine Therapies offers one-to-one/ private courses in Dubai & all UAE. 

It is great for busy people. It is the perfect solution for anyone wanting special attention and who needs flexible options.


Sabine Therapies provides tailored courses on-demand.

Private courses (one-to-one) are specifically designed to suit the student’s needs while maintaining a student-centered approach. This reinforces the learner’s acquired knowledge. At the beginning of the private course, we analyze the student’s needs and decide together on the best suitable Approach. This makes time in class with the teacher more efficient, therefore helping students reach their desired outcomes quicker.
*Note Min 6 hours course.

Cost per person and per hour: AED 500/- for Private mentorship, tailored course, personal coaching.

Price is degressive following the number of students.

NOTE: All information, programs in tools presented on this website, in e-books/ manuals, and Sabine's designed courses/ or other programs are intended for educational purposes only. Any health, diet, or advice is not intended as personal advice you should not follow without prior approval from your medical professional. No information or recommendations are meant as a medical diagnosis or treatment for illness or disease.

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