- Pathway To Enlightenment -

 Intuitive, Spiritual & Channeling Development 

Certified Training Program 

Pathway to Enlightenment is an accelerated program to empower you, a life transformation, not like any other program, it is a complete life change, and you will never be the same anymore. 

LEVEL 1 - A beginners guide discover the hidden power of your mind

’'There is an immense ocean over which the mind can sail, upon which the vessel of thought has not yet been launched” - RICHARD JEFFERIES.

 Are you ready to discover the power that lies within you?

You may wonder why it is so hard to know what another mind is thinking about? Most of us misconception that it’s impossible to read another person's mind! But, this is a common misbelieve. Just by training your mind through various techniques, you can easily make it ready to scan other's person’s mind too! You will learn how to activate these superpowers and take advantage of them to make drastic improvements in your life.


Resolve conflict and have a positive influence on your life and the lives of others. Clear negative thoughts, discover the hidden power of your mind! Experiential learning through group activities, role-play, life sharing experiences, discussions, and actions… Telepathy can be activated following the general principle that attention and interest foster their manifestations… Since we only use about 10% of our brain, most of us don't have that part turned on.  We are all born with a natural ability, join us to discover how to elevate your hidden power! This course is stretching the boundaries of human consciousness and taking you on new adventures, into unknown territory to elevate your frequency, it is a strongly transformative power!


Note: everyone is intuitive in one sense or another. 'Intuition' means into the soul, so it’s really the language of the soul. Every person is born with that, but not everyone listens to it. By the end of the course, you will be more psychic, telepathic and intuitive than before and achieve more success in your life by trusting your intuition. This course is ideal for everyone who wants to increase and improve their telepathic skills, psychic powers, gut feeling, intuitions and sixth sense using very powerful self-hypnosis techniques and psychic exercises. It is also very useful for magicians, tarot card readers, hypnotists, healers etc for fun, fame, and profit

Unleash the real power of your mind;
Remember how to co-create your own reality and the realities of others instantly;
Telepathic love therapy;
Develop your intuitive abilities;
An Introduction to picture 'psychic reading' (bring yours);
Telepathic influence and remote hypnosis;
How to resolve a conflict by “telepathic dream”;
Telepathy and psychic cords;
How to hear the thoughts of others and how to send your thoughts;
Making telepathy work for your personal growth.

Successful completion of this program will lead to a Beginner Pathway To Enlightenment certificate from Sabine Poncelet Academy.

Upon completion, you can progress to the intermediate level for improving your skills and gaining further practice.


Level 1

9:00 am - 6 pm

One day

AED 999/-


For each level, the price includes:
- Course manual & seminar material
- Certificate of completion
- Daily lunch at 5 * hotel & 2 tea breaks
- Valet parking

1- Fill in the form below to register yourself (limited seats)

2- Your place will only be reserved once both your deposit 50% (non-refundable and non-transferable) or full payment and signed booking form received.
the full payment has to be done ONE week before the workshop.

The deposit is non-refundable unless the event is canceled by the organizer.
For bank details please see the booking form received by email.


To repeat a class: course fee: 50% OFF



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