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Is Online Therapy effective?

Over the past few years, it’s become very popular to have therapy and Energy healing sessions online. (results are exactly the same as a face to face session


Some people live in geographical locations that make it difficult for them to meet with a practitioner in person, others have physical and or psychological challenges that hinder their mobility, and others still travel so frequently for work that meeting in-person with regularity is simply not an option. 


With regard to privacy concerns, ''Go to ''meeting'' or any other similar platform like ''Zoom'' are working toward having HIPAA-compliant software – Representatives for Microsoft/Skype assured that the calls are completely encrypted; Microsoft/Skype also does not screen the calls or store the call-data. Skype offers complete privacy. I’ve had great experiences working with people trough Skype. If you have any further questions about whether meeting via Skype could be the right fit for you, we welcome you to reach out to us directly.


Common reasons why people prefer online Therapy

  • Some clients feel therapy via the Internet provides greater confidentiality

  • Clients are more comfortable and open while at home

  • Clients are concerned people they know will see them enter or leave a therapist’s office

  • It is a convenient option for people with disabilities

  • People in abusive relationship who want to receive therapy without their partner knowing


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