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Soul Contract & Curses Release - Advanced Class Recording. $14.99/-

Soul Contract & Curses Release - Advanced Class Recording. $14.99/-

Soul Contract, Karmic Debt & Curses Release - Advanced ' ''Enlightenment'' Class Recording. 

This recording takes 14 minutes and 33 seconds to listen to.The meditation audio from the advanced channeling class (Pathway to Enlightenment Training Program) is now available for download! 


Do you feel overwhelmed, stuck, and unable to get out of the current situation?

Do you feel that your partner is drawing a lot of energy from you?

Soul contracts are agreements we enter for the purposes of learning and spiritual development. Most of these contracts are unconscious, so we often don’t know we’ve made them. soul contract might reveal itself when you start noticing the same relationship patterns over and over in your life. Or when you experience a very intense – whether positive or negative – relationship with someone. Or when you start noticing a specific, repetitive behavior or thought pattern that always seems to come up. Compulsions, addictions, unhealthy attachments, and issues that you just can’t seem to heal also point to the possibility of a soul contract (more specifically, a past life contract).

In this Class Audio Recording, you will discover how to nullify Soul contract, release karmic debts and much more...

Your past lives can still be ‘haunting’ you in this life if you don’t allow yourself to heal them.



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