This recording takes 17 minutes and 32 seconds to listen to.


Don't let coronavirus anxiety take over!

This guided meditation is written and recorded by Sabine it will help you to remain powerful and emotionally protected from the Coronavirus. But not only, trough this process you will discover how to ‘communicate' with your antibodies and boost them to their highest.


As we all know viruses adapt to a particular host, at a particular time, in a particular environment... As these things change, the virus will adapt or be lost.


It’s easy to get caught up in all the panic which is around, especially when you are reminded of its impact every time you go to the supermarket and see empty toilet roll shelves (lol), all of which makes it particularly important to remember good mental self-care.

Taking some time out to meditate can help in so many ways.

Meditation helps to boost the immune system. Several studies have shown that meditation may be able to reinforce the immune system by positively impacting genes involved with the infectious cycle. Meditation can help relieve anxiety. 

Meditation can help us to improve emotional health. (At a time when people may be self-isolating, worrying about finances, socially distancing from loved ones, and feeling concerned about contracting coronavirus, meditation can help improve emotional health and can help manage depression which is exacerbated by stress.


“Viruses are very intelligent. They can think. They do things that we do not expect. They adapt to the environment. They change themselves in order to survive,” said Lai, professor of molecular microbiology and immunology and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator.



Remain powerful and emotionally protected from the Corona virus.

  • This recording takes 17 minutes and 32 seconds to listen to.

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