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Put the fear, and worry of the Covid-19 Virus behind you- $14.99/-

Put the fear, and worry of the Covid-19 Virus behind you- $14.99/-

This is a 14-Minute and 54 seconds Light Language to finally put the fear, shock, anxiety, and worry of the Covid-19 Virus behind you once & for all.


It’s affected all of our lives on many levels. (Also valid for any others virus as they all vibrate on the same level). COVID-19 Virus has a vibration of 5.5hz and dies above 25.5hz

This Light Language will also help tremendously if you had an emotional shock, and you still feel affected by it. 

No matter what you believe about this virus and how it got started, it’s affected all of our lives. We all want to be able to move around freely, without limitations any more. I know that if we all vibrate high and in harmony with a world without this virus, we can live peacefully in it, and that’s why I channeled the Language of Light. 

For this light language, I have held the intention to have the exact vibration, energies, and galactic light codes to move us all into a post-virus world. 


WARNING: This light language is the strongest I have released, please take all the time you need to rest after, as I cannot predict the reaction of each of you, however, for some people the reaction will be much stronger, and for others, it will be felt as normal ( depending on where you are on your personal healing journey, and what is still blocked inside you that need to leave you). Please, have plenty of time for yourself in case you need to flush, and process.

How Often Do You Need to Listen to this Light Language?
Once is certainly enough, but if you wake up the next day and the cases of covid are still very high, listen to it again. And if you are hearing about more vaccine mandates or travel bans, or whatever is getting your goat, listen to it again. And I would keep listening day after day after day until you are no longer hearing about it, and you find yourself living in a post-covid-19 universe. This is the time to start being proactive about putting this time of fear and anger behind us, and I know that this light language can and will help us to get there.

Much Love,


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