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Light Language For Animals - DNA Upgrade and Neuronal Alignement - $14.99/-
  • Light Language For Animals - DNA Upgrade and Neuronal Alignement - $14.99/-

    In this recording of 6 minutes and 49 seconds, I have channeled a light language that will help your animal with upgrading the DNA, balance, and re-align its neuronal pathway.

    (For dogs, cats, or any other pets).


    This specific light language may help in the case of genetic patterns and disorders.

    Beneath the mindset work & the regulation of our body’s nervous system lies the root of our deepest growth & healing potential.




    Your animal's DNA holds the blueprint to build your body, but it’s a living document: Adjustments to the design can be made by epigenetic marks. Cataloging these marks and how they work is important for understanding biology and genetics—and coming up with therapies to address diseases and disorders. DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) are linked to neurodegeneration and senescence.


    How Often Do You Need to Listen To this Light Language? I would recommend trying to have your animal listening for 5 consecutive days, once for some animals may certainly be enough, but if their neuronal system is blocked it will not release enough.


    REMINDER: Your animal will understand these codes' frequencies and energies. Light Language is higher dimensional frequencies that ‘speak’ directly to the DNA or your animal, it is understood by all on a soul level, and energy field, finding a resonance that balances you on profound and practical levels. While our mind may not understand the ‘words,’ our subtle bodies and subconscious mind understand and embrace the multidimensional support and healing that the Language of Light offers.


    Much Love,


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