Implants Removal & DNA Activation - Advanced Channeling Class Recording. AED 55/-

In this recording of 44 minutes and 53 seconds, of the advanced class (Pathway to Enlightenment Training Program), you will be taken through a process of declaring ourselves as sovereign beings. Many people are becoming aware of, and speaking out about, "energetic implants" in our energy fields.

Implants are prevalent within most, if not all, human beings. They've been used as a tool by Opposing Consciousness in the 'dumbing-down' of humanity.


What you can expect :

  • Original Divine Blueprint restored
  • Better connection to Higher Self
  • Assists in the DNA activation process
  • Receive much more intuition 
  • Restore our organic imprint for optimal health 
  • Natural light will be restored, not only to us but the Earths Crystalline Grid
  • Evolution towards frequencies of love and higher dimensions
  • More psychic skills noticed
  • Reach higher states such as bliss and unconditional love
  • Back, neck and knee problems dissipate.


Enjoy your way to being implant free!


Implants Removal & DNA Activation - Advanced Channeling Class. AED 55/-

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