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(Un)Worthiness - Low Self-Worth $14,99/-

(Un)Worthiness - Low Self-Worth $14,99/-

Light Language for feeling worthy of receiving all that you have created.

In this recording of 9 minutes and 56 seconds, I have channeled a light language that will help you activate the feelings of worthiness within you and to allow, and receive all that you have already created but haven’t been able to manifest in your life yet.


What is (Un)Worthiness and how it's holding you back?

Feeling unworthy is limiting your ability to achieve your dreams. If you do not feel worthy, you also don't feel good enough,  (it's like two friends who hold hands) this is affecting your productivity in many ways... In sneaky, subtle ways, hidden beneath the surface, there's still a fundamental belief that you have to earn worthiness. 

(Un)Worthiness leads to an Inability to say no, not asking for help, lack of self-care, self-criticism, risk aversion, indecisiveness, perfectionism, failure to problem solve, underutilizing your strengths, chasing the wrong goals, and much more...


DO NOT FORGET you are a precious, beautiful soul — worthy in all your imperfection.


REMINDER: Light Language is higher dimensional frequencies that ‘speak’ directly to your DNA, it is understood by all on a soul level, and energy field, finding a resonance that balances you on profound and practical levels. While our mind may not understand the ‘words,’ our subtle bodies and subconscious mind understand and embrace the multidimensional support and healing that the Language of Light offers.


More About The language Of Light Here

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