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Divination - Lapis Lazuli
  • Divination - Lapis Lazuli

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    Lapis Lazuli gemstones make great pendulums because they contain the energy of the stone from which they are made from.


    These energies can cause a pendulum to have a stronger swing, giving you clearer answers to your questions. Many people like to use clear quartz pendulums as this crystal is associated with clarity. Amethyst pendulums are also a popular choice due to this crystal’s strong spiritual connection.


    If you are looking for a pendulum to help with matters of the heart, then one made from rose quartz could be perfect for you.

    This stone has wonderful calming properties, too.


    All products are sent with a gift bag in a bubble wrap tracked! Since it is a natural material, slight deviations in color and structure may occur! All my items will come beautifully gift wrapped for your pleasure or ready as gifting to somebody special in your life.



    Each piece is energized and infused with Light Code & Frequencies as per your request (please write me a note with your intention/need/ issue)


    Please Note: The color may be slightly different from the picture because of a different display device.



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