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Hormone, Endocrine System - Dark Amethyst
  • Hormone, Endocrine System - Dark Amethyst

    SKU: 00060

    Do you want to boost your immune system?


    Let my Amethyst semi-precious stone bracelet gives you what you need. It has the power to boost your immune system, reduce fear, anger, and sadness, and eliminate the anxiety and that feeling of being in lack




    • Amethyst stones reduce scattered thoughts and help us focus
    • Very good to dissolve negativity
    • Amethyst helps to raise your vibration

    • Activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition, and enhances psychic abilities
    • Assists in remembering and understanding dreams
    • Encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom
    • Good for hormone, and endocrine system
    • Good for headaches, tension, bruising, swellings
    • Good for lungs, skin conditions, and digestive tract.
    • Amethyst assists in reducing Insomnia


    Product Details:

    • Item Type: Bracelet
    • Item Condition: Brand New custom made
    • Item Shape: Round Shape
    • Can be personalized
    • Material: Natural  Amethyst Bead
    • Chain Type: Elastic Clasp
    • Type: N-A Bead
    • Width: Approx. 8mm 
    • Bracelet length: 17 Centimeters (M size). Please provide us with your wrist measurement, we customize everything for you, you can choose the separator type and beads color
    • With Stainless Steel Separator


    Please Note: The color may be slightly different from the picture because of a different display device.

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