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Clearing Past-Life Vows - Advanced Channeling Class . $14.99/-

Clearing Past-Life Vows - Advanced Channeling Class . $14.99/-

Past-Life Vows & Oaths - Advanced Channeling Class Recording. 


In this Advanced ‘Pathway to Enlightenment’ class recording of 13 minutes and 57 seconds, you will be taken through a process of revoking Past Life vows that may simply no longer serv

These vows may be actively interfering in our lives now by keeping us from being all we can be today. In our past lives, many of us have experienced spiritual vocations as witches, monks, abbots, nuns, priestesses, etc…Since all the time is now, the good news is that you can unload the baggage from past life vows you no longer need to carry. If your Higher Self has led you here, it means that you have fully experienced the outcomes of your action in taking the vows and you are ready to let them go.


Enjoy your way to being vow free!


Some examples of sacred vows may include:

  • Vow of chastity. Creating relationships difficulties and belief that we must choose either a vocation or a relationship, that we cannot have both. If a priest, or priestess, broked a vow, the punishment could include banishment, torture, and even death. To be banished from a safe order, where shelter and food were provided, into a culture where it was difficult to find food, the result would surely be death by starvation.
  • Vows of marriage to God. In different religions, you may have taken a vow of marriage to God. It may result that potential partners subconsciously pick up that you are unavailable. If you have difficulty attracting or keeping a mate, you may have this vow.
  • Vows of Celibacy. If you have low libido or have difficulty attracting sexual partners, you may have this vow.
  • Maybe you had a past life where you took a formal vow of poverty. Or perhaps you judged wealthy people as selfish and unspiritual and you vowed not to be like them. If you struggle with having enough cash, you may have this vow.
  • These old vows could still be affecting you subconsciously, in this life. Vows are very powerful, as they were highly charged emotionally through the threats of punishment by the various religious orders.


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