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Turn any dark cloud that you may have over you into a beautiful sunset

Having a rough time _ Sabine therapies Blog

If you are having a rough time. I might tell you, it is okay to have a dark cloud hanging over you. In your society we resist darkness, however, it is only in the darkness that we can become illuminated. Anytime you have a bad day, you would get so angry and be like “ universe why? What did I do to deserve this ? It’s not fair”. But it’s okay to feel whatever you want, feel bad at a situation, feel bad about a person who let you down, or examine stress, relationship issues, having not enough money, or whatever comes along your way, it’s okay whatever you feel. But don’t stay there.

Make peace with your dark side _ sabinetherapies Blog

Ok, you can stay there for a little bit, but don’t live there because that is not your home. Whatever you are experiencing, is only temporary. The beautiful thing about the universe is that everything is changing. You cannot go through a bad time forever. It can’t go on forever whatever the pain you are going through whatever the suffering you are experiencing it is going to fade away, however, it only starts to fade away one’s you make peace with it. Make peace with your dark side and realize that without the darkness there is no light. It’s YIN and YANG. Somehow you need darkness you need a hard time to appreciate the good time. Nothing is good or bad but only the way of thinking makes it!! Nothing is good or bad without your permission, you give permission for something to be bad In your life. And you give permission for something to be good In your life. This is called “attitude”. To turn your dark cloud, your dark thoughts into a beautiful sunset, start to learn how to sit with your emotions “energy in motion”. Realize that your emotions even if they are so cold, dark, and negative, are not trying to hurt you, they are just showing you what is going on in your mind. So if you can realize that emotions themselves are neutral, it’s your attitude witch shapes them. You could adopt this attitude and say something like ...'' Dark cloud moves away” ...But unfortunately, it’s doesn’t work like this, and by doing this you enter into a ''resistance mechanism''.

The way to succeed is releasing resistance, and this dark cloud will start to fade away, if you can surrender and Not fight anymore, you will embrace the darkness.

You will embrace how you are right now, and all of a sudden it’s not a problem anymore it’s only a problem when you are trying to get rid of it.

One’s you embrace it, it’s no longer a problem. In one word it’s re-framing your unhelpful thoughts. If you can learn how to re-frame those unhelpful thoughts you will become a “thought alchemist”. Being an alchemist is when you make the best out of the worst and never allow external events to govern your internal.

You may wonder, why do you always put yourself into tricky situations? With the wrong person? In a terrible job? Why are you In this position? Instead of saying that, say: ''This is what I am going to do! get it off this situation''. It’s going to help you to move forward with more peace and harmony.

Now you can realize how re-framing those thoughts that are not serving you can literally change a dark cloud into a beautiful sunset and that is the poster of alchemy. It is your responsibility do not to make it worse, take responsibility for the energy you radiate you are emitting around you. Realize that you make yourself well again because it’s all starts from the inside you.

So take control of what you can change and never forget, everything is passing nothing is permanent. Realize that you will get through this but it is also depending on the attitude you will have toward the situation. Life is not something happening to you!

Life is responding to you! Responding to your words your thought and actions.

Have an amazing day everybody.

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I am here to serve. One of my principal mission is to change people's consciousness, skyrocket your inner awakening, and raise the vibration.

Much Love,

Sabine Patricia Poncelet



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