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Pain and pleasure

Two things motivate people, pain, and pleasure. Pain is more powerful than pleasure. People will do about anything to avoid pain; the fear of failure incapacitates unsuccessful people. The pain and pleasure principle is well known. People are driven to pleasure and avoid pain. In other words, they will do things that bring pleasure and unwilling to do things that cause pain. It guides virtually everything we do, whether we are aware of it or not.

People self-limit themselves and do not achieve a fraction of what they are capable of achieving because of the fear of failure. Fear creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. People do not allow themselves success because the fear of failure is simply too much pain. It is no secret. People get in rut, get lazy and secretly are just pain afraid. The way to solve the problem is to gain confidence by overcoming your own fear!

Everything you wanted to know but you were too afraid to ask? Don’t hesitate longer, give yourself the permission to shine your potential is unlimited!

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Much Love,

Sabine Patricia Poncelet



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