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Crystal Healing - The science behind

A crystal holds the light of a thousand moons and will be a tool of great healing should you choose to activate it through the intention and manifestation of your own love vibration. To bring in the full energy of a crystal one may speak to the essence of it and allow it to develop a connection with you personally. For this is not just a stone this is a gift of Source.

Crystals have been used in ancient forms of medicine and by priests to align the body chakras. And now, using crystals as an effective form of practicing self-care is becoming incredibly popular. Science has proven that matter is 99.999999999999% empty space. And what makes up this empty space: energy. Energy is everything, and everything is energy. You, the chair you’re sitting on, the phone you’re holding, and the crystals you know and love – all of it is vibrating energy.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

-Albert Einstein

Just like everything else in the universe, we each have our own unique vibrational frequency. People with higher vibrations radiate kindness, love, peace, and compassion, whereas people with lower vibrations experience more low-vibe emotions like jealousy, anxiety, anger, or fear. Whatever your vibrational frequency is, your vibration can be very unstable and easily influenced. It changes constantly as we are exposed to other people, social media, the news, traffic, the weather, good news, bad news, our own memories, etc. Crystals, on the other hand, have a super stable energy frequency that doesn’t change. Why? They’re made up of a fixed, regularly repeating, perfect geometric pattern of molecules. And they maintain their perfect stability with no effort. Exactly the opposite of our constantly changing, non-stable human nature.

Every crystal, just like every human, has a different energetic frequency. It depends on a few different factors like the size, the composition, and most helpful, the color.

The Benefits of Wearing Gemstone Bracelets

Efficient instruments for our spiritual practice. It's known that crystals and gemstones can be used as highly effective meditation tools. Worn around the wrist, your bracelet will provide calming, centering, and balancing benefits.

All my bracelets are handcrafted by Me and customized with a unique design. You can choose gemstone bracelets for any outfit from casual to elegant. My bracelets are handmade using carefully selected, quality gemstones. Whether you want a sophisticated or a boho-chic look you can never go wrong with my gemstone bracelets. It works as a reminder. Whether we wear our gemstone bracelets daily, overnight, or on special occasions, we have a visible reminder of our intentions and goals.

You can choose a gemstone for any outfit from casual to elegant. Ask yourself which issues are keeping you up at night. Read about the chakras and try and understand which areas resonate with you in terms of strength and weakness. Perhaps you feel like you need a shift in your love life, or you need to let go of some old trauma or habits that are no longer serving you. It is an efficient tool for our spiritual practice. It's known that crystals and gemstones can be used as highly effective meditation tools. Worn around on the neck, it will provide calming, centering, and balancing benefits.

Create your own:

I customize it for you, Choose your stones, add your personalization. The bracelet's default size is 17cm. Mala's default size is 108 beads. But can be made to any size, pls let me know. Please write the gemstone/s you would like on your bracelet, or Mala, If you would like them in a particular order, please let me know. Depending on what I have in stock.

How to cleanse your crystals?

  • Smudging. Smudge sticks can be made of many different herbs. I recommend using white sage smudge sticks. Light it and wave it gently in the air, encouraging the smoke to spill over the crystals.

  • Saltwater. you can use saltwater from the ocean or simply put salt in a bowl of water. Hold your crystals so that they are immersed in saltwater. The saltwater cleanses the energy from the stones. Be sure to clean your crystals using clean water afterward. Some crystals can not be placed in water because they are too soft, or brittle. Water can cause some stones to fracture and break, or even dissolve! Be sure to look up your crystal and what cleansing is best for it.

  • Running water. You can do this by holding your crystal under running tap water, holding them in a stream, or pouring bottled water over them. It is important to keep your intention focused in your mind.

  • Moonlight. This is the easiest method of cleansing, and safe for all crystals. Also, The full moon can act as a reminder for you that your crystals need cleansing. Simply wait for the full moon and place your crystals outside so that they are surrounded by the moon's gentle energy. If you don't have an outdoor area that is safe for your crystals to be placed, a windowsill will work, too. It does not matter if your window does not face the moon. The moon's energy will still be present. Then bring them back inside in the morning.

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