Life Between Lives Regression Therapy

Have you ever wondered why you are here?

What is your purpose in this life?

Why are your relationships so complicated?

Where you come from? Why is life so challenging?

What happens when you die? 

 In Life Between Lives Regression session, the person moves backward in time to childhood memories, memories of being in the womb, into a past life, and finally enters the higher dimension of the spirit world. In remembering the soul condition in the afterlife, one can connect with guides, soul mates, a council of elders, and life and body selections.

This type of session allows a person to pursue the current life with awareness and refreshed energy and stability. It also helps clients explore, understand, heal, and re-balance physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Is it for everyone?

To be honest, no. Trance at this level requires deep relaxation, and the ability to allow the conscious mind to take a back seat, but still remain passively in the background to interpret the content of the LBL. The ability to concentrate for long periods of time is also a necessary skill that comes with practice. For this reason, it is highly recommended that clients for LBL have already experienced a successful Past Life Regression before attending their LBL session. Even with the best preparation, sometimes the LBL session goes completely smoothly until the crossing over to the Gateway of the Other Side, and then the Guide will prevent any further progress. If this happens, please don’t take it personally. Usually, this means that the timing is not right for you to continue at this point in your life because you have not yet made crucial life decisions that will determine the shape of this incarnation.  


Will you remember what happens?

You will be mindful of everything you experience, and yet people generally have excellent recall of what happened during their session, it is much easier to relax knowing that the session will be recorded. 

This also assists you in bathing yourself into your session without a part of your mind worrying, "Will I remember this?" 

Please feel free to bring your own recording device for back-up (a cell phone usually works). 


Your right to confidentiality is the basis of an effective hypnotherapeutic relationship. Our communications are considered privileged and legally protected. As the client you will always be treated with the utmost respect and integrity. Confidentiality is an underpinning principle and you can be assured that all personal data and information will be kept safe, complete and private.

LBL Therapy is 3 hours session: AED 1500/-

Sabine also offers online sessions.

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