Horse's Healing  & Whispering

Equine energy medicine, restores the energy flow into the animal’s body, fixing the imbalance. Horses are exceptionally sensitive and immediately pick up on the healing a practitioner offers through hands-on. Typically, the animal will approach and immediately become an active participant.


Energy medicine is extremely useful in conjunction with traditional veterinary care. It helps horses recover faster, saving owners anxiety and cost. Veterinarians trained in this type of healing have found it useful in treating travel stress and digestive problems, as well as for settling mares who are new mothers. Equine energy healing is also beneficial as a horse approaches the end of its life. It can provide comfort to a beloved animal, its owners, and the staff members who provide daily care. 

Apart from treating ailments, I give treatments to professional dressage horses or one-day eventers a couple of days prior to their shows. This makes a huge difference in their performance on the day.



During an energy medicine session, even the liveliest of horses usually become calm and relaxed – leading the way for us humans to follow! It is quite unusual to find a horse that doesn’t welcome energy healing, even though they might need to get used to it first. Most animals are very intuitive and so although you can’t explain to them what energy healing is they can sense there is something positive there that’s not harmful to them.


After a session, we can often 'see' the changes in our animals after they have received healing. It may be the evidence such as the wound or injury is healed - however, there are always other profound changes that can be seen. If they have received healing for an emotional issue(s), you may 'see' that they change physically too.


Often our animals reflect back to us our own imbalances and dysfunctions… We think it’s the animal’s fault when all they are doing is mirroring for us, acting as a teacher and guide for our own soul and life lessons! Remember that our animals, like child are greatly affected by us, their care and are givers. What we do, say, think, feel can shake their world. The better balanced we are, the less stressed they will be.

 Today, Energy medicine is successfully utilized to support healing in medical settings such as hospitals, cancer centers, hospice programs and AIDS clinics all over the world. And as energy healing steadily gains acceptance and respect from doctors and patients alike, it’s only natural that those who have experienced energy healing for themselves ultimately want to share it with their beloved horses.

Energy medicine has been demonstrated to increase performance in racehorses, the possibilities are unlimited! 

During and after the session:

Horse Energy Healing in Practice 

 Sabine works on the following species:

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