Finding lost & missing pets with animal communication

The websites above will provide you with some tips like:

Why pets run away and where they often go

The logical steps to take in assisting recovery

Things you can tell your friends later if you are among the many who succeed in recovering your lost pet.



Lost animal consultation:

If your animal is lost or missing, then you need to take action now! Every minute counts when your pet is gone. Let’s find out where they are so you can bring them home safely if it’s not too late.  


The fee for an animal consultation is AED 550 /- (duration is one hour)

This type of consultation includes one round of map dowsing, one communication session with the lost animal, a map of the area where the animal's energy is the strongest at the time the map dowsing is completed. (I do not offer house call for this type of consultation).

 I will need the following information e-mailed / WhatsApp to me: 
- A digital or scanned picture of the lost animal 

- The lost animal's name and gender 
- The date the animal was lost 
- Your home address or the address from where the animal went missing (map location)
- Address(es) where the animal was last seen (which may be the same as your home address) 

- Printed community master plan ( your area and around) please contact me for more detail
- Your phone number (used if the information warrants a phone call rather than an e-mail or face to face)


Before seeking to engage a professional animal communicator, please consider the following:

Using scientific remote viewing and other intuitively based techniques, some animal communicators have successfully 'viewed' the location of an animal's physical body in this way. yet, not all attempts at this practice are always successful and so once again, any animal communicator with professional integrity will not guarantee that they are definitely able to locate an animal physicality, whether it is alive or not.


Telepathically communicating with a missing animal is wide, and subject with many possibilities to consider. Communicating telepathically with a missing animal does not just include the process of connecting and communicating with them to ask what they feel about their situation (as is the usual guidance of animal communication). 

When we communicate with missing pets, we exchange information with them in different ways, through images, pictures, words, or phrases. The images and pictures may be in the form of quick photographs or they may come as a sort of video. Whatsoever the form of communication, I actually experience the animal’s feelings, emotions, and energy.

If your animal is extroverted, friendly, and receptive to you then this part is usually quite easy depending on the circumstances surrounding their departure. If they are welcoming towards strangers then this part can be quite simple.

What are the animal communicator responsibilities?

I collect information from your pet about his or her feelings, as well as information, general and/or specific, about his or her current environment. I supply encouragement to your pet to remain calm, and I reassure it that you love him/her, and looking for him/her and that you very much want to find it and bring it safely home. If you have already located an area in which you think you may focus your research, I can tell your pet to go to a certain place, or to be aware of your scent in that area, and to be on the lookout for you.


In some cases, I’ll let your pet know when it’s ok to go with a person who has seen him/ her and wants to return him/her to you. I may write down notes about everything that happens during my communication with your pet. I then share all of the details with you. We are totally dependent on the information an animal can transmit, but an animal cannot tell us where he or she is located in the same way a lost person might be able to.

They don’t know city names, street names, people's names, what day of the week it is, or what time of day it is.

But they can show me that they’re hiding in some bushes or behind a building, or there are lots of houses or only a few houses nearby, that they’re in a rural area, or there are other animals or people around, or that someone is putting out food and water for them, or someone has provided them with shelter.


My responsibility is to describe the complexity of pictures and emotions animals transfer to me, to translate those pictures and feelings into words, and to share them with you so that you can better focus your research.

Pre-paid fee refund

If for some reason, your pet does return early, and it’s before I’ve started to do any work on your case, all or part of the pre-paid fee can be refundable. This will happen only in the most exceptional cases, it will be determined only on a case-by-case basis. 



Understand that I cannot be held accountable for any choices your pet makes after we’ve finished talking with each other.

Animals have free will, just as we do, and when they are stressed or fearful, they can do things like changing locations after being spotted, or they may simply be too fearful to do something I’ve asked them to do, or not do, during our communication. Regrettably, these are circumstances that are totally beyond my control.

I will obtain the most accurate information I can from your lost pet, and I will share that information clearly with you. Any decisions you make, based on that information (for example, the cost to drive to, or remain in, a specific area to search, or to search in other similar areas instead of the one your pet described, or to offer a reward for the safe return of your pet), all become your sole responsibility.

Please note – I cannot give advice or do a reading over an email. I won't read and reply to long emotional emails/Whatsapp messages as I receive many emails/Whatsapp every day. There is plenty of time in the session to do all work you want to do, and this is when I can give your situation the full attention and bring healing.