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If you feel guided to work with me privately, I would love to assist you. I connect with you and open up a space for deep transformative healing. You may feel your wounds transform, feel the fragments of your soul coming back to you if you have the readiness for. The more readiness you have, the more we may release, so if you allow me, I may open the pathway for you to feel whole again. My transformational sessions are conducted ONLINE and IN-PERSONMy sessions are offered through live and secure video irrespective of where you are located. 

NOTE: online session gives you exactly the same result as a face to face. ‘Reluctant’, ‘hocus pocus’, ‘placebo’ are some of the words that went through many minds when distant healing or online therapy is offered. 

Still doubtful? Read this :  

60 Minutes

ONLINE Session 

Video Conference

It can be tailor-made for :

- Reconnective & Celestial Healing 

- Animal Care Services (all)

-Transpersonal Regression Therapy

- Coaching, Mentoring

- Psychic Reading & Channeling

NOTE: Online sessions are be paid in advance. 

 All major credit cards are accepted, for bank transfer or ATM Cash deposit please, send us a WhatsApp message to receive our bank account  +971508144529

AED 470/-

USD 128/-

90 Minutes


Transpersonal Regression Therapy

In-person session in our Center - Dubai 


'To get you into a life change and fully using your Power. Much faster and much more effective than either classical forms of psychoanalysis or regular forms of behavioral therapy. Transpersonal Regression therapy offers a rapid method of treating symptoms that may be taking many months or years of costly therapy to alleviate… Many are able to rid themselves of chronic lifelong symptoms, such as specific phobias, panic attacks, recurrent nightmares, unexplained fears, repeated destructive relationships, physical pain and illness, and countless other issues.

"Regression Therapy may Help where other therapies fail"  

AED 750/-

USD 204/-

60 Minutes


Interstellar & Reconnective Healing 

In-person session in our Center - Dubai  

The shortest way to get you Rock in!

It completely transcends traditional Energy Healing techniques. It allows us to let go of the concept and approach of the technique itself. It improves your immune response, re-aligns, and increases your self-healing and self-recovery response! It may transform you into all facets of life; health & well-being, love & relationships, spiritual growth, and business development. It is neither a therapy nor a treatment, as it does not focus on symptoms. It is something much, much more.

AED 550/-

USD 150/-

60 Minutes


Animal Communication & Healing

We believe in the value of the client’s time to avoid prevent delays please, send us your location pin through Whats App.

NOTE: Additional fees are charged for traveling outside Dubai (you may choose an online session)

With a private consultation, you will learn many things about your animal. Animal communication works using the energetic transference of information most commonly known as telepathy. A consultation includes telepathic communication with your animal /or, and animal healing. With a private consultation, you will learn many things about your animal.

Fee for consultation includes intuitive/ telepathic communication with your animal /or, and animal healing. 

AED 550/-

USD 150/-

60 Minutes


Psychic Reading & Channeling

In-person session in our Center - Dubai 

A Channeling session with Sabine is like nothing you've ever experienced before! 

We all have a Soul blueprint that is a tangible, energetic grid pattern that creates the foundation for all of our experiences. You will receive validation for all of your life experiences and a deeper understanding of the why of your life. Sabine reads you, without cards or any other support, giving you a deeply insightful overview of your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

AED 550/-

USD 150/-

Please note : 

I cannot give advice or do a reading over an email. I won't read and reply to long emotional emails as I receive many emails every day. There is plenty of time in the session to do all work you want to do, and this is when I can give your situation the full attention and bring healing. 

Payment : 

Cash or Personal cheque, credit cards, BACS Transfer are all acceptable methods of payment. Our Terms are payment in full directly after each consultation and, in advance for online/webinar sessions,  seminars, and other events.

House Call OUTSIDE Dubai 

NOTE: It is highly recommended if you live outside Dubai to choose an ONLINE session (60 Minutes) it is a custom made session to suit your needs.

The additional traveling fee for a home visit outside Dubai is AED 350/- fee for traveling to Abu Dhabi, RAK, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, etc... Please send us an email with your requirement before any booking.

Appointment cancellation:  24 hours minimum notice is required to avoid a cancellation fee. 

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Available Worldwide

(Home visit for animals only)

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