Multidimensional Healing With Light Encoded Frequencies 

This is a unique healing system developed by Sabine which is really a synthesis of some of the best healing systems she has learned and practiced over the past 18 years. Multidimensional Healing completely transcends traditional energy healing techniques.​ It may transform you into all facets of life; health & well-being, love & relationships, spiritual growth, money flow, and business development. 

This CANNOT be compared to Reiki or any others. Sabine Is tapping into higher energies, higher realms, higher dimensions. It works on the energetic and quantum levels of existence. This system works with your Source energy. It is a return to an optimal state of balance. 


  • clearing energy patterns that contribute to dis-ease

  • Cord-cutting, & any hidden vows are also cleared to enable freedom between you and another person, group, or situation.

  • recover faster from unresolved trauma

  • activating DNA and new energy circuitry- mental clarity and emotional stability

  • ancestral healing- soul retrieval (reclamation of soul fragments isolated through current and other life traumas)

  • releasing of energy/ astral attachments

  • remove energetic toxins, parasites & pollutants

  • release negative imprints, implants & miasms

  • reduces harmful effects of cords, hooks, or blockages

  • retrieves lost or missing soul gifts & personal power


Basic clearing. An initial session clears a variety of problems in the energy field and strengthens your connection to your Higher Self, angels, and guides. This session checks for any negative portals/openings in your energy field and if found seals them and clears any lower frequency energies etc accessing your energy fields. Future Sessions May Also Include:  Deeper clearing, help guide the client through specific life challenges and open up inner resources released through the energy clearing, it may include sub-personality work as required to bring the inner family of selves in line with your Higher Self’s vision of your life and your highest timeline, and much more. Clients report that these sessions are magically clarifying and also powerfully healing, clearing stagnation, huge patterns that have been around for years, or even eons.


A session is 60 minutes, and the rate is AED 560/- ($ 152/-). The session begins with a brief chat about issues/challenges and dreams. The desired outcome for a session. The session includes consultation, channeling, transmission, and time following the transmission for questions, sharing, and insights.
NOTE:  If you are familiar with Light Language, and feel ready to integrate it into your session please tell us when you book your session.