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Intensive Animal Communication Courses & Horse Whisperers

The Animal Communication program is one of the best investments you can offer to yourself and the Animal World. NOTE: My training is very intensive, one level is equal to two days of traditional courses Successful completion of levels 1, 2, 3, 4 & your case study will qualify you to begin the certification process 'Certified Animal Communicator 'from Sabine Poncelet  Academy.


TO KNOW THE UPCOMING EVENTS PLEASE  check our upcoming events page. We do an online course and in-person.

Module 1

A beginner's guide to communicating with animals. Understand their needs, develop a closer relationship and help them to better understand you. 


You probably already know that if you are nervous, your ANIMAL will sense it and feel nervous as well. People don't realize how extremely sensitive animals are to every vibration, during the workshop you will understand how your animal thinks, you will discover how your animal sends and receive feelings (eg, your worries, happiness, and much more). Animals are masters at communicating if we just listen to them. Many times we’re too busy to listen. The universal language of telepathy enables us to utilize our intuition and skills to communicate with other species. We receive telepathic messages in the form of thoughts, ideas, words, images, sensations, sounds, emotions, and many more. Our thoughts and emotions have a real electromagnetic  & energetic field, that can be perceived. People can use animal communication in different situations: Behavior issues, notify your animal of upcoming changes, general check-in & to know the likes and dislikes. lost animals: (level 4), get help in introducing animals to each other and adopting animals, find out about a rescued animal's past (levels 2), death, and dying (level 3). The main goal of sharing animal communication is to allow the change of mentalities and the way people perceive animals and nature.

At the end of this course, your mind will be completely transformed in the way to understand your animal !!!


  • What is animal communication

  • How to send and receive feelings to your animal

  • How your emotions affect your animal

  • How to talk to your animals

  • How to improve your relationship with your animal

  • How to help you and your animal

  • Our spiritual connection with animals

  • Helping your animal understand you

Upon completion, you can progress to level 2 for improving your skills and gaining further practice. 

Module 2

This Intermediate course gives you examples of real-life case studies as an animal communicator, to help you implement what you have learned as a beginner so you can start conducting your own communications with confidence.


You’ve taken a beginning course, then you know how animal talk, works as you have a foundation of knowledge to build on. Don’t let yourself get stuck or your newly acquired skills get rusty.  Access to level two now! In this course, Sabine will hone your skills in attaining more detail in your conversation with animals. You will focus on learning how to silence your mind completely so that you can translate the thoughts and feelings of animals.  She will give you techniques, tools, and exercises to develop your ability to communicate with animals and help animals to heal. You will also learn how to use meditation skills. It is essential to progress as human beings, developing your sense of empathy, being conscious that the animal can suffer from your actions. The key to success is to develop a form of wisdom. This module will help you to explore how to free yourself from anger, frustration, and all feelings such as fear, anxiety etc.


  • Clarifying reasons for animal behavioral problems and finding 

  • Learn how to quiet your mind and focus your attention

  • Animal totem

  • Discover what it is like to go inside of an animal’s world

  • New insights into how animals mirror your hidden emotional problems

  • Animal’s body scan techniques

  • Participants will also explore how to ask the right questions

  • Remote viewing – seeing through an animal’s eyes

  • Experiential learning through group activities & pictures (bring one of your animals)

Upon completion, you can progress to a level 3  for improving your skills and gaining further practice. 

Level 2

Module 3

​Breakthrough the doubts, fears, and uncertainties which have been holding you back.


This module is designed for students who have taken level 1 & 2 Animal Communication.

This course includes one day in class and half-day practice on animals in a shelter/farm/stable with the guidance of your teacher. Breakthrough the doubts, fears, and uncertainties which have been holding you back. We will experience a deeper intuitive connection with any animal. We will develop complex skills about how the animal is feeling physically. This information may assist veterinarians in their diagnosis. You will develop an inner knowing that goes way beyond your belief. You'll be initiated to the accompaniment of the "seniors" or the animals in a terminal stage. We'll deal with the theme of life purpose and animal in spirit. And learn how to sharpen our ‘’gifts’’, magnify and strengthen our skills, trust, and confidence. You will discover how to connect yourself with a lost animal, you will be introduced to some technics to find it back. (*) Be initiated to the accompaniment of the "seniors" or the animals in a terminal stage. We'll deal with the theme of "life purpose and animal in spirit. (*) a brief introduction, deepening techniques will be developed at level 4 - advanced animal communication. By the completion of this course, you will have stepped into a new level of deepening and self-mastery over your own skill sets as an animal communicator. You will be more at ease and clear when communicating with any animal.


  • Different energies between animals in the spirit world and alive animals

  • A brief introduction of how to find lost animals (if you have a dowsing pendulum take it with you)

  • Communicating with wild animals

  • Dealing with frustration when you can’t solve problems or change situations

Upon completion, you can progress to level 4  for improving your skills and gaining further practice. 

Module 4

Uncover New Realms of Connection.  


Re -discover the fascinating world of animal communication. Gain valuable insights into different conceptualizations and develop essential skill sets for any situation. Master the challenging art of locating lost animals using the powerful technique of map dowsing, combined with visual descriptions.

Learn to provide emotional support to clients during the search for missing pets and explore the profound impact of our own health and emotional patterns on our beloved animals.

Delve into the intricacies of the body scan (intuitive scan) to identify and alleviate any pain experienced by our animal companions. Sharpen your innate gifts, amplify your skills, and cultivate unwavering confidence. As you integrate the knowledge from this module and previous levels, embark on a transformative journey of animal communication.

Gain profound insights, wisdom, and life-changing experiences. Unlock the extraordinary world of animal communication and unleash your true potential.

Upon completion, you can progress to level 5 professional level in Animal Communication. 


  • The challenge of finding lost animals and bring them home;

  • Dealing with frustration when you can’t solve problems or change situations;

  • Handling people and their energy (animal’s owner);

  • Things an animal communicator CAN and CAN'T do for lost pets;

  • How to identify if the lost animal is still alive;

  • Practice map dowsing to find the area where the lost pet is located;

  • Deep in death and dying: souls and soul agreements;

  • Reincarnation.

Our Clients’ Stories


Melanie Hoericht (UAE)

Wow! Both workshops helped me a lot

I was very interested in how it worked and joined two of Sabine's workshops - Animal communication and The Art of Telepathy (intuitive and psychic development). Wow! Both workshops helped me a lot - I understand my cats much better and the telepathy workshop is helping me a lot in my daily life. 
I'm looking forward to the next workshops. Thank you Sabine!

Sabine also helped us to understand the behavior of our cats because one of them was very aggressive against the other. After Sabine visited them, they live together in harmony now!


Alex Ogh (UAE)

Sabine is the only one I really trust in Dubai!

Meeting Sabine has been life-changing, to say the least. I know and consult Sabine for a year now and she is an incredible, passionate, and caring professional always here to guide and help. As I mentioned before, her guidance during sessions has been life-changing and I tried multiple types of sessions with her (from channeling to healing as well as classes). I also consult her for my cat and my new dog. She has helped them a lot when needed but also helped me reinforce this special bond I have with my cat. I recommended Sabine to many of my friends and all of them keep consulting her regularly as they are also very happy with there support they receive. Sabine is the only one I really trust in Dubai!


Shiromi Anklesaria (UAE)

I highly recommend Sabine. Even one session with her can change your life

There’s something magical I have always found about Sabine's energy and what an awesome teacher. My deep gratitude to you for teaching me Animal Communication, Art Of Telepathy and Mediumship Development. Words fall short . The workshops were beautiful I highly recommend Sabine. Even one session with her can change your life, feel truly blessed to have her guidance!!!


N.A. Kaddas Al-Romaithi (UAE)

It was a useful investment for my personal life.

I attended the art of telepathy workshops in August/September. Sabine took us step by step in understanding spirituality and connection. it was an eye-opener for me because I was never spiritual, always doubting my decisions, ignoring my gut feeling and getting tricked by people.i learned how to clear my mind to allow the information flow, to understand people's intention, to listen to my guides (i never even knew they existed!). i was introduced to things i am very surprised we never learned in school to be more connected to oneself and others.these workshops taught me how to be more aware and present. In my opinion, it was a useful investment for my personal life. also, i met some adorable people and watched them grow and progress in each workshop. Niveen




Danielle Norris (Canada)

Sabine has had a profound impact on my life and I will be forever grateful for what she has done

Sabine has helped me personally on several occasions. For example, I had a chronic cough that did not seem to want to go away, no matter what I tried. Sabine suggested past life regression therapy and within a week, the cough was gone. It has been almost a year and the cough has not come back. I have attended Sabine's animal communication and telepathy workshops. I have been able to use what I have learned in these courses to improve my relationship with my pets and to better understand their needs. The Animal and Telepathy course was also an eye-opener. Sabine showed us how easy it is (with practice) to use telepathy to relate to other people and understand others on a much deeper level. Sabine has had a profound impact on my life and I will be forever grateful for what she has done for me and my pets.

Heart Shape Cookie Cutter

Mona Taher (Qatar)

Great workshops

Thank You, Sabine, for a great workshop, I have learned a lot is such a short course and very much looking forward to attending the next levels.


Katerina Baginskaya (UAE)

Workshops - Classes 

Thanks, Sabine, for the very informative workshops (I attended 2 and looking forward to more). Both animal communication and telepathy made lots of changes inside me (frankly, I was skeptical at the beginning and did not believe that I can do it). Moreover, a special thank for your private consultations - stress and anxiety are no longer my "friends".

Thank you for taking care of my bird! She is no longer depressed thanks to your treatment. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!


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