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Danielle Norris is the founder of Optimale, a wellness center located in Gatineau, Canada. She is a certified neurofeedback trainer, educator, intuitive counselor, and Reiki Master. She has two master's degrees in education and is currently working on a Master of Counselling Psychology.


Danielle has spent the majority of her career as an instructor and student advisor. Throughout her career, she has enhanced her innate ability to guide her clients to a deeper understanding of their unconscious beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. The process allows her clients to become "unstuck" and to begin to move towards an improved sense of well-being.

Her principal goal is to demystify the human capacity to heal ourselves and our animals. She creates a safe and comfortable environment for her clients to learn about themselves, heal, and become a more optimal version of who they are.  

The stress of daily life as well as traumatic and stressful events can reduce our energy levels, cause sleep disorders, create physical imbalances, and develop mood disorders.


The work Danielle does as a neurofeedback trainer, counselor, and therapist allows her to optimize her clients’ brain function, promote a more resilient mindset, help her clients learn how to harmonize with their own brains, and generally feel more in sync with who they are..

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